Pakistan urges Afghan Government to destroy TTP’s Safe Heavens in Afghanistan

Pakistan’s Permanent Ambassador to the United Nations Maleeha Lodhi has urged the Afghan Government to counter and destroy Tehreek-e-Taliban Pakistan’s secured & safe heavens in Afghanistan and its agencies’ conspiracy with Pakistan’s declared adversary to make roots of terrorism stronger in Pakistan as well.

She said that Pakistan has been urging Afghanistan for cooperation to manage and finalize effective border management procedures so that cross-border attacks could be prevented. She said that, to address border issues, Pakistan is always ready to work with Afghan government in this regard, through high level consultation mechanism.

Talking about escalating insecurity, increasing violence and growing civilian casualties, Maleeha Lodhi expressed Pakistan’s concerns over it and told the UN General Assembly that peace in Afghanistan can only be brought if rival Afghan parties settle down their conflicts and conclude that military solution to any conflict is not an ultimate option.

Maleeha Lodhi said that Pakistan is always ready to provide any kind of assistance for reviving the dialogue process between Afghanistan’s Government and Taliban like it did back in July 2015. Dialogue between Afghan Government and Afghan Taliban is the only way out to end Afghanistan’s long night of sufferings, Lodhi said in a debate on Afghan situation.

Lodhi also stated that international community also needs to understand about the local interests of Afghan people as well that what they actually want for themselves. By doing so, then peace could be negotiated and it will become effectively possible to defeat global threat of terrorism, she said.

The Pakistan envoy added that along with the coordination, support and participation of all the members of Quadrilateral Coordination Group including United States of America and China, peace in Afghanistan can be brought only if Afghan parties themselves express their willingness to resolve the internal conflicts mutually and pursue the path of dialogue with Afghan Taliban.

Pakistan’s Ambassador said that despite attacks, unprovoked firing by Indian Armed Forces at LoC and rising tensions at Eastern Border, Pakistan will yet attend Heart of Asia Conference to be held in Amritsar, India, just to ensure its commitment and concerns towards Afghanistan’s security related matters and development.

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