Film that lacks Script – “Lahore Sey Aagay”

By Bushra Hassan.

Revival of Pakistani film industry has been the favorite topic of many writers and being a patriot I have always loved watching Pakistani movies regardless of the fact that Pakistani movies are a no match to Hollywood. Motivated enough to support Pakistani film industry I went to watch “Lahore Sey Aagay” as well.

Talking about “Lahore Sey Aagay”, I’m finding it way too difficult to bring my thoughts in black and white. To watch a movie which was supposed to be funny and interesting, I as an audience wanted to leave the hall. The quality and script of movie made me unable to gather my thoughts to one point.

“Lahore Sey Aagay” is an example that glamor cannot strengthen a weak script of a story. Pakistani Producers have been adding an item song that has nothing to do with the script and looks like they do it only to attract audience. Producer has added an item song featuring Saba Qamar, an actress and model. Saba Qamar has so far a very good track record as a drama actress and television presenter. But when it comes to a film, you have to assemble your character with specific time limit and script, due to which it is not necessary for a television actor or actress to succeed in films as well. Apart from that, the producer has tried to introduce a lot of cameo appearances in the movie, perhaps he wanted to bring everybody to this one movie as he may not get a chance to make more movies.

Moreover, Yasir Hussain also brought his character and role into limelight by trying to be funny and jolly at times. His jokes made people laugh and his funny character can be a positive point in this film. But here too only a couple of his jokes could fit into the scene, rest were completely over flowing and unwanted.

The dialogues in the movie were so irrational that they were not making or building up a connection to go further along with the script. With the funny dialogues, the producer has tried his best to make a best comedy film, but only through funny dialogues, movies do not meet the required standards. This is where “Lahore Sey Aagay” lacked as well.

Now that Indian Films are banned in Pakistan, it is the best time for our producers to bring and come out with some quality scripts so that a space could get fulfilled. But apparently it looks that our producers just want to run a movie without focusing and working on its quality. Film “Lahore Sey Aagay” has more or less the same layout which “Karachi Sey Lahore” had. Elements of humour, jokes and fun did attract audience but coming up with the same script and story resulted in people disliking the film.

Cinematography can be another factor that can make a movie interesting to watch. In the film, cinematic approach of the director was also average. The shots that have been taken in northern areas of Pakistan were good but not impressive. Those shots were obviously neat and well defined but they were not good enough to explore the natural beauty that was supposed to be while shooting in such areas.

The soundtrack of the film was in fact good. I must say that it sounds and feels nice to be there watching movie. This is the particular area where our local films have been lacking for a while. Apart from “Lahore Sey Aagay”, “Actor In Law” also had good soundtrack. But yet in spite of that, there have been a lot of other bad aspects of “Lahore Sey Aagay” that good soundtrack also does not fill the remaining vacuum in the movie, because we are not listening something on radio, we have to visualize other stuff as well that is not effective to rate the film on high note.

Summarizing it further precisely, what we have seen in this movie is extra and imbalanced funny dialogues, particularly by Yasir Hussain, a couple of prolonged shots and scenes, that actually made viewers to think of moving on and Saba Qamar coming into limelight via her item numbers, instead of strong character. These factors have ultimately brought the film down in general due to which I would never ever suggest anyone to go and watch “Lahore Sey Aagay”.

It is an absolute reality that our film industry is reviving its long lost status and producers are coming up with some exceptional stuff. With that fact, it does not mean that few producers should make improper and ineffective use of available space in industry of putting up new movies in cinemas. Of course, people love glamour because that catches attention but it does not mean that everything should be filled up with the same pattern and the weightage of script remains far away behind.


The writer is a Research Analyst and holds a strong command over Entertainment Industry.

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