Empty Mind Makes The Most Noise

By Rubab Mahboob.

How many times have you heard some angry soul lamenting on a Television screen or in your surroundings that Pakistanis are dud nation because they do not come out on the streets to protest against the many political and economic ills that have besieged this country. On numerous occasions I am sure. And yet no newspaper or television channel’s reporting is complete unless it gives the detailed account of protest rallies and strikes which takes place in any number of the country’s main cities on a daily basis. It seems nurses, doctors, students, religious parties ethnic groups are always on the streets burning old tiers and shouting angry slogans. This may be taken as a sign of exhibition of collective frustration due to the notoriously sloppy reputation of the country’s state and government in situation. But in no way does it mean that Pakistanis are dud or apathetic nation. Mostly tilled by angry souls as be-hiss qoam, it’s quite contrary to the situation we see through by means of media.

So who is creating all the fuss about not protesting against the society ills? Why is there a constant hue and cry by so many Pakistanis about the nation not protesting against all that is going horribly wrong in country? There is every likelihood that majority of people who are fond of lamenting on Pakistan’s condition are those who never participated in any sort of protest rally themselves, nor have they ever bothered to go out and vote. They are those empty minds who only know how to make mess and create disturbance for people who are trying to put efforts to make Pakistan better place to live. People blame others for all situations while they themselves have never voted in their entire life nor they gave any sacrifices to their country. By sacrifice I do not mean to give away your assets in donation. Working honestly and doing your job selflessly is more than enough one can do for his or her nation’s development. People who shift to developed areas start cursing Pakistan for its miserable condition. Do they realize what they did when they were part of this society? Did they throw garbage in bin? Did they go to work on time? Did they help any poor and needy person? Did they struggle in their studies to become a good citizen? Were they willing to do double shifts just to make their country economically stable? In most cases answer will be negative.  People who are shallow inside speak ills about their roots instead of putting efforts to make things work better. They are never willing to put as much efforts as they will put in some foreign country. Such people who have such a biased attitude towards their country when tend to open their mouth to speak ill about Pakistan promote themselves as shallow and double standard personalities.

People who lament on their nation’s attitude themselves are numb towards many serious issues. It triggers my thought and bothered me when someone advocates the pouring out of angry souls to protest against certain issues but remain numb about some other issues that may be equally disconcerting if not more. Everyone is always eager to declare his or her desire to see a revolutionary uprising on the streets against corruption, bad government, energy and water crises, drone attacks etc. But somehow these voices are biased. We hear no such voices when a suicide bomber explodes him in a mosque or on a murder of innocents. No one raise their voice against honor killing or a girl being raped. If someone takes stand but then they face threats by extremist outfits. Or sometimes even by perfectly ‘decent’ members of the urban middle-class to whom it seems protesting against load-shedding is more ‘revolutionary’ an act than raising one’s disgust against extremist violence and humiliation of women.  If someone is afraid to condemn a particular folly then he or she has no right to wave an angry fist about some other less reactive issue.

Revolution is not something which will be served on your table without any sacrifice. Majority of people who always complain about corruption do not give required time to this job. How ironic is it when a teacher teach a student not to be corrupt but he or she himself/herself comes half an hour late to class daily. Is this not dishonesty towards one’s duty? This is major issue of our people we can find thousands of people who are ready to deliver speech on honesty, corruption, development, job opportunities etc. But very few in the crowd of angry and lamenting souls are one who is ready to do something practical. Doing something practical does not mean to vanish corruption within on night and wake up in corruption free society. It’s just that everyone should be honest at their own level. Students should be honest towards studies, teachers towards teaching and so on.

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