Pakistan’s 1st Instant Messenger: TELLO TALK

By Mrs. Kamran Shahzad.

An Awesome effort by the Unified Developers Network Alliance (UDNA). I just discovered that our Pakistan’s company has made a beautiful effort and took a bold step to create the Pakistan’s First instant Messenger “TELLO TALK”.

These online messengers like Whatsapp, Imo and all help keep our distant relatives close to the heart. Best Services are offered on just the Wi-Fi connection without any hidden charges. Tello Talk seems to be inspired by the user interface of Whatsapp, offering features like Pin Code and hidden chat support. The settings tab doesn’t include many options, unlike other competitor applications hence extremely easy to use. The process of registration was a breeze, input your mobile number and an SMS is received which instantly activates Tello Talk.

Some of the most awesome features of Tello Talk are:

The Push to Talk feature: Push the button to record and send. The best part is the voice is only for your ears. It won’t be on loud speaker and saves the typing time. Very favorable for all those who can’t read or write but are essential part of our community.

2nd best feature are the local smileys and stickers with Urdu text which highlight our Pakistan culture and language. This you will not find in any other instant messenger app. Try them and you will definitely believe me.

3rd best is the Urdu keyboard instead of writing Urdu words in English, now write them in the beautiful Urdu language with the help of keyboard, they are offering other languages of Pakistan regions too.

Here is the link to Tello Talk


Try it out yourself and give them the feedback. Let’s all pledge to use the Tello Talk messenger from today and make it the best in Pakistan. This service is completely free and has been made to highlight that Pakistan is not a 3rd world country. It can easily compete with Japan, USA and the rest of the world.

Let’s encourage UDNA Private Limited that their effort has been appreciated and let’s make it the best. The Pakistan first Chat Messenger Tello Talk can only be made the best by you all. They have put in their efforts now it’s up to us. Who’s with me?

Let’s stop depending on other countries resource. We can make the difference with our mobile phone. Let’s start today. Let all appreciate this effort made for Pakistan and let’s use Tello Talk and help make it the best messenger for all Pakistanis all over the world.

About the Author:

Mrs Kamran Shahzad, a patriotic Pakistani. May Allah always bless our Country.

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