Concerted action is needed to resolve conflicts, says Sartaj Aziz

Advisor to Prime Minister on Foreign Affairs Sartaj Aziz has said that only peaceful resolutions of unresolved conflicts would help all of us getting peace in the region and maintaining stability. Sartaj Aziz was addressing to Heart of Asia Conference where he said that proper execution of peace-promoting programs in the region is strictly needed and it cannot be done through blame games only.

Pointing out to Afghan President Ashraf Ghani’s allegations that Pakistan is providing safe heaven to terrorists in the country, Sartaj Aziz said that concerted policies and actions are needed to establish peace in Afghanistan and peace can never be brought back in Afghanistan through such blame games.

Aziz stated that inspite of escalating tensions between India and Pakistan, yet Pakistan has preferred to be the part of Heart of Asia Conference and that clearly shows Pakistan’s concern and dedication to establish peace in Afghanistan and in overall region as well.

Despite Ashraf Ghani’s statements about Pakistan, Sartaj Aziz praised the efforts of the Afghan President and Afghan Chief Executive Abdullah Abdullah towards Afghanistan’s development and bringing back prosperity in the country. Sartaj Aziz also said that Afghan Forces have combated terrorism bravely. Reviewing peace efforts in Afghanistan is yet strictly needed, the foreign policy advisor added further.

Modi, Ghani lash out at Pakistan

Earlier Afghanistan President Ashraf Ghani accused Pakistan of providing sanctuaries to terrorists and also made fun over its promised aid. Ashraf Ghani said that it would have been better if Pakistan had spent $500 Billion in fighting against terrorism rather than exporting terrorism into Afghanistan. He also said that Pakistan must need to verify cross-border activities.

On the other end, Afghan President praised the efforts of Narendra Modi and his government for supporting Afghanistan in every thick and thin. Ashraf Ghani stated that India has always been with them in every difficult time and supported them in the best possible way. The relationship between India and Afghanistan based upon shared values and beliefs would always remain on high, Ghani added.

Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi started his speech by saying that terrorism is the biggest threat to peace in Afghanistan. To eliminate terrorism from its root causes, strict action must be taken again terrorists, their safe heavens and against their masters as well, Indian PM said.

Narendra Modi said that maintaining silence on terror in Afghanistan would ultimately pave the way for terrorists to make their roots even stronger and it will only strengthen terrorists and those who fund them. Modi said that India is completely committed to speed up its efforts so that peace could be prevailed in Afghanistan.

Although Modi didn’t mention Pakistan directly in his speech but his crispy words clearly reflected his hatred for Pakistan. During his speech at the Heart of Asia Conference, Modi vowed to push Pakistan towards international isolation diplomatically following the Uri Attack on Indian Army Base back in September, the allegation that Pakistan has been denying since then.

On the occasion, Modi also announced the plans to link India and Afghanistan via air link and discussed the possibility of trilateral cooperation over Iran’s Chahbahar Port. He stated that India-Afghanistan-Iran cooperation on Chahbahar Port will help Afghanistan a lot to connect its economy with the rest of the world.

Pakistan is ready for bilateral talks

Earlier Sartaj Aziz said that Pakistan is ready to hold talks with India and discuss the issue of terrorism within the framework of a comprehensive dialogue agreed upon on the sidelines of last year’s Heart of Asia Conference.

Talking to media, Sartaj Aziz said that he is in Amritsar to show Pakistan’s commitment to Afghanistan’s peace and security. He told that his presence in India for Heart of Asia Conference is an indication that Pakistan is even ready for bilateral talks with India to resolve cross-border conflicts.

Sartaj Aziz said that he is here and if India shows willingness then he would surely like to meet. Without dialogues, negative perceptions would prevail further and ties between the two sides would only get further tensed. Sartaj Aziz said that whenever India will be ready, Pakistan will be ready too because terrorism is a subject of major concern and needs several sessions of comprehensive dialogues to counter it.

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