Pakistani Cinema – in the midst of survival

By Rafia Malik.

A rapid boom has been witnessed in Pakistani film industry over the last few years.  Lollywood is no more the same as it was in 80’s and 90’s. The audience is now done with the fright of gujjar’s and badmash’s. They are not willing to see redundant noise, violence and vulgarity in the movies anymore.

However year 2015 and 2016 has turned the table for Pakistani cinema. The movies like Jawani Phir Nahi Ani, Bin Roye, Mah–e-Mir and Actor in Law has given renewed prestige to lollywood movies. As being one of the fastest growing industries in Pakistan it has opened doors for many investment opportunities as well. New and young filmmakers have jumped in to the field of filmmaking and are exercising their expertise in movies like Jalaibee and WAAR which was a good hit. Despite of Pakistani cinema revival Pakistani audience still prefer watching Hollywood and Bollywood movies when it comes to going cinema house for watching a movie. There are number of reasons behind this preference and resistance for our own movies.

One of the major reasons is the loopholes in our story lines. Our stories are still not mature and promising enough to get the preference over the American and Indian movies. The audiences still don’t find anything new and interesting in our movies to go in cinema houses and pay for them. However, Movies like Jawani Phir Nahi Ani, Khuda key liye, Bol, WAAR, Bin Roye, Mah-e-Mir, and Actor in law were successful to some extent in grasping the attention of the audiences and creating a hype for cinema revival in Pakistan but we still need to work a lot on our content, stories, cinematography, characters and actors. Pakistan do not lack talent, we need new faces for our movies. Audience does not prefer to watch same faces that are seen on silver screen as well.  Still a lot of hard work is required by the filmmakers and actors themselves to prosper this industry. Presently it is too early to comment whether the revival and rebirth of Pakistani cinema would be a success or heels overhead.

Rafia Malik is doing MBA from Bahria University Islamabad and loves travelling and sharing her experiences with other people.


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