PTI rejects SC’s suggestion of constituting Judicial Commission for Panama Leaks Case

Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan has rejected the Supreme Court’s option of Judicial Commission to probe the Panama Leaks Case. PTI Chief has urged the existing SC’s larger bench headed by Chief Justice of Pakistan to continue hearing the case.

After deciding about the matter, Imran Khan talked to media representatives and said that he would only accept Judicial Commission only if Nawaz Sharif resigns from his post. He was of the view point that different institutions would remain under PM Nawaz Sharif during the processions of Judicial Commission and expected free and fair proceedings of commission seem to be useless.

On PTI’s decision, PMLN leader Talal Chaudhary bashed Imran Khan once again and said that it was Imran Khan who was demanding Judicial Commission on Panama Leaks Case. Now he himself is running away from Panama Leaks Case, he added. He also said in a presser that regarding to Judicial Commission, PMLN will represent its point of view tomorrow in Supreme Court.

Yesterday, Apex Court of Supreme Court suggested both the petitioners and defendants to form Judicial Commission to investigate Panama Leaks Case. Chief Justice Anwar Zaheer Jamali stated that if the parties agree, then commission will be made on the basis of accusation being put by PTI and will be headed by Supreme Court’s Judge. He also added that commission will file its investigative report in front of the SC.

PTI had shown its reservations even yesterday upon considering an option of formation of commission. PTI leaders stated that SC should clear that on which basis, commission would be made and which TORs would be decided.

During the hearing on Wednesday, the Supreme Court of Pakistan was awaiting Sharif family’s response over offshore companies, Maryam Nawaz’s financial and legal status and about the accuracy of PM’s past speeches on the respective issue. However, PM’s lawyer Salman Butt could not respond to any of the aforementioned questions satisfactorily.

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