Guilt Complex

Poem by

Zeenat Iqbal Hakimjee.


Enclosed in a shell like a tortoise,

Keeping away from the lively movements & noise,


My own I fail to recognize,

Do not shake hands with me please


I am no more, no more at ease,

I suffer from a guilt complex,


Was I the one to destroy a friendship

Or lose my temper in a relationship.


The other day I threw some litter on the road,

Turned a deaf ear to the call for prayer,


I suffer from a guilt complex

I am amazed at my faults.


Have I them or have I not?

Is it just the state of my mind


Or has somebody without cause have me to remind

Of a non-existent situation,


Will I ever surface, 1 suffer from a Guilt Complex.


Writer is a poet and has written a book titled  H A R M O N Y a collection of poems.

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