CNICs of Junaid Jamshed & his wife have been found

Investigative Teams have found the Computerized National Identity Cards (CINCs) of religious preacher Junaid Jamshed and his wife who died in fatal crash of PIA’s Flight PK-661 in Havelian near Abbottabad earlier this Wednesday. The belongings of other passengers have also been found by the investigative units at the crash site.

Apart from CNICs, the investigative units have also found the handbag of late Junaid Jamshed’s wife from the site of deadly plan crash. The handbag contained two pictures of Junaid Jamshed and some other documents which remained safe in the tragic incident.

Three Wrist Watches, two Gold Rings, four Gold Bangles and other belongings of passengers have also been found by the officials of investigative teams. All these belongings recovered from the crash site have been handed over to the respective officials of Pakistan International Airlines (PIA) after sealing.

On Wednesday’s afternoon, the ATR-42 Aircraft of PIA crashed into the hilly area near Havelian of district Abbottabad. In the incident, all 42 passengers and five crew members who were on board lost their lives. Junaid Jamshed, once a Pakistani music icon who turned into Islamic scholar and changed his path was also there in ill-fated flight along with his wife.

After the crash, respective authorities took the dead bodies into their custody and shifted them to PIMS Hospital of Islamabad for DNA Testing because identification through normal process was not at all possible. So far 9 crash victims have been buried and relatives of 38 passengers are still waiting for the completion of identification process through DNA. Humanyun Jamshed, brother of Junaid Jamshed, said that he is waiting for the DNA process to complete so that he could have the dead body of Junaid Jamshed for burial.

In the meanwhile, PIA has claimed that the crash incident of Flight PK-661 was not due to the technical faults in plane’s engine. A PIA-Spokesperson also said that speculations in media are only creating adverse impact on public’s perceptions.

The statement came from PIA’s spokesperson when complete and thorough investigations by Safety Investigation Board (SIB) are yet to be completed. The spokesperson also said that it is too early to say that propeller of one of the engines was moving in reverse because when the flight took off, both the engines were fine and perfect.

On the other end, initial report of Civil Aviation Authority revealed something different that the left engine had exploded before the crash that had damaged the left wing as well. According to the report, the plane’s engine failed at a height of approximately 13,000 feet where the plane could have glided about 15 to 25 km. However, the engine after failing soon got exploded and also badly damaged the left wing, leaving the aircraft unable to even glide.

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