Why Justice Delayed?

By Sidra Usmani.

I still remember, his pinching voice, pointing out my brother “zada tain tain na kar seedha chal” (don’t talk, just walk straight).

Last week on evening tea we came to know about one of our workers, Anar Khan who spent 11 years in jail after being convicted as a murderer. After 11 years, the High court ordered his bail on receiving all the clues about him being innocent and not involved in murder case. I always remembered him by his unique name and tall height.  He worked for our family, for two years. I always admired his honesty and loyalty towards work. Knowing about him after years in this way, made me ponder on the law system of Pakistan. Why is our legal process so slow? How can we improve our legal system? What steps are needed to be taken in order to improvise our legal system?

One of the heartbreaking thoughts that came to me after listening about him is that his 11 years are gone dusted in jail, those 11 years could have have been spent earning for his family; he could have invested those 11 years educating his children instead.

Anar Khan’s story is similar to thousands of untold stories, People who have spent their whole lives in jail waiting for the courts justice. Have we ever wondered how many innocent people are in the prisons of Pakistan, living their lives in guilt of sins they never committed. This is a very big dilemma of our society, due to which thousands of innocent people suffer for years until the court announces the result.

All of us have experienced this being a part of this society, that if one of us gets any how involved in some case, he or she must have spent ample amount of time and money in courts in order to get justice.

It is a dire need of this country to make our legal system efficient. Our judges and courts should be efficient enough to make decisions appropriately and in a most effective way give the right decision that does justice to both parties.

About Author.

Sidra Usmani is a student of Bahria University and doing MBA Executive. She likes to read Urdu literature and a big fan it.

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