Islamabad Getting Concrete

By Shamsher Ali.

With all the aesthetically beautiful places in the city which can take your breath away less people are visiting these situates. I see trend in Islamabad has changed, people desire going to the fancy restaurants and dine in’s, rather than green places where the number of visitors is getting dwindled.

All because of the businesses that are not trying to transform the stereotyped mentalities. Why not to go for a hike at trails or enjoy walk in parks and gardens along with your family and friends than to sit in the food court of Centaurus or watch a movie. Is that mere entertainment left? Should not serenity be part of our daily lives? Why to always walk in all those brands, café’s, restaurants. Why not to sit and breathe the cold breeze? Culpability should be on CDA, they hardly embolden anyone to build places closer to nature like hotspot on haunted hill, striking, green Monal and serene Manto’s Gul kitchen and that’s it?

Cannot Green Islamabad have more green spots hotels between Margalla hills in the green forests or camping sites at trails or Bar B Q spots at F9 Park for recreational purposes? CDA must take initiatives and spread awareness regarding it. They can take support from businessmen if they want to implement the ideas. If they fail to do so then, I see in near future the city known for greenery will become concrete very soon and places like Bahria phase 8, DHA situated at the outskirts will become fascination for peace lovers who can breathe in fresh air and relish all because they are going to convert aesthetic more than Islamabad itself, I enter Islamabad and do not sense that tranquility but as soon I hit the curvy roads of Bahria town there one finds the true Islamabad’s soul.

About Author.

Shamsher Ali is Marketeer by education and did MBA marketing from Bahria University, Islamabad.

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