Relationship Marketing: Revitalizing The Hotel Business

By Saleha Sheikh.

The Hotel industry is one of the leading global industry with customers and suppliers of the service around the world. Each firm without great marketing strategies and team will undoubtedly fail at some point. To be competitively strong and beneficial in the business, the sales team ought to get and hold its profitable customers. Certainly this is to be done with relationship marketing. Relationship marketing refers to idea of doing the business, by focusing on retaining and enhancing the current customers that are profitable instead of acquiring the new customers for the business.

Relationship marketing is formulating longer term relations with clients. Instead of attempting to sustain a one-time deal, Client’s loyalty is encouraged by giving products and services that are excellent. It includes an organization improving the way of business by keeping the end goals in mind that boosts the value of the customer’s relationship. Due to changing market dynamics and competition much more consideration is to be made in looking for ways to create and manage the customer loyalty as its way cheaper to retain the existing customers than developing new customers.

It not only helps in decreasing the marketing cost but also helps increased use of more related products and services and are a source of information for others by creating positive word of mouth The facilities provided by the hotel industry i.e: rooms, restaurants, swimming pools and spas are not considered as a luxury anymore. These services are now an essential component of a way of living. The demand and supply of these services has accelerated the growth of the industry resulting into increased competition and rivalry among the firms. Maintaining the relationship with the loyal customers requires improvement by meeting the expectations of the customer .

The volume and the nature of competition is the greatest facing challenge in the hotel firms. Therefore, the hospitality manager has a firm belief that not just profitably but customer loyalty could be enhanced by working more on maintaining the relationship between the firm and the customers. Customer relationship marketing is as important in the hotel business just like in other service businesses because of development in technology, increased competition and modernization.

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Saleha Sheikh is currently doing MBA  from Bahria University Islamabad.

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