I’m old fashioned, when it comes to Reading

By Shakeel Ahmad.

The significant increase in popularity of online bookstores over the last decade has had a monumental impact on offline bookstores, covering all facets of their business. Online bookstores offer a number of advantages over physical stores; these physical stores have tried to counteract these advantages by capitalizing on areas in which online stores are unable to compete.

Amazon is seemingly, a standout amongst the best online firms. As of this composition, its advertisement value is over $52 billion, equivalent to the joined estimation of two huge and fruitful disconnected retailers Target, who have 2800 stores between them.

On the other hand call me old fashioned as I am yet to acknowledge books in their electronic version, now called e-books. For me, reading a book is about the entire experience instead of consuming the content. The touch and feel of the book in the knowledge that enlightens me, makes a significant commitment to the pleasurable experience of book reading.

The love for physical books being established, it is no wonder that buying a book is a one part of the overall experience. Landmark Company has been and still continues to be my preferred bookstore for a lot of reasons; one of them is the lack of too many bookstores. However, I am also a huge proponent of E-commerce and the sudden surge in online book selling portals has made book buying easier to say the least.

About Author.

Shakeel Ahmad is doing my MBA from Bahria University Islamabad. 

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