Penny Oleksiak wins Canadian Athlete of the Year Award

Canadian Swimmer Penny Oleksiak has won the Lou Marsh Trophy and has been named as Canada’s Athlete of the Year, becoming the first swimmer after Carey Price who won the award back in 1992. The panel of Sports Journalists from all across the country selected and chose the annual Toronto Star.

Penny Oleksiak had won four medals at 2016 Rio Olympics earlier in August this year including Gold in the 100-meter freestyle swimming. She has also won Silver medal in 100-meter butterfly during the swimming event at the Rio Olympics in which she edged Pittsburgh Penguins’ star Sidney Crosby for the silver medal. She has also won four medals at the short-course world championship this month in Windsor.

After getting the award of Canada’s Athlete of the Year, Penny Oleksiak said that she believes she is much stronger now and is even more determined to win more and more medals on national and international levels.

Before going into 2016 Rio Olympics, she had certain doubts on her performance but when she got into finals, it was unbelievable moments for her, Oleksiak further added. She also claimed that she feels much fitter now and is completely able to meet even higher expectations.

Canadian Prime Minister Justin Trudeau also congratulated Penny Oleksiak for her achievement and said that she had made all Canadians proud.

In the contest, other finalists were Canadian sprinter Andre De Grasse, golf player Brooke Henderson, Paralymic Swimmer Arelie Rivard, tennis player Milos Raonic and high jumper Dereck Drouin. But it was Penny Oleksiak who won Lou Marsh Trophy and became Canadian Athlete of the Year by getting Lou March Trophy that has been named after a former Toronto Star sports editor.

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