Imran Khan’s Politics remains a Question Mark

By Obaid ur Rehman.

Imran Khan since his proper entrance into politics has been the focus of everyone. No one had ever expected that during the time span of less than two years, Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf being led by Imran Khan would become second biggest party after PMLN in terms of votes and third biggest party in terms of seats in National Assembly. In 2013 General Elections, PTI got power in Khyber Pakhtunkhwa and formed the government there in KPK.

Since then, PTI and Imran Khan played the role of actual and real opposition for government and proved it very tough for the ruling government to handle them. There was absolutely no doubt in it that PTI had always remained very concerned and had authentic point of views in stabilizing the whole system, be it electoral reforms, independence of institutions, accusing Nawaz Sharif in wake of Panama Leaks and many more.

The problems which PTI had faced up till now is the execution of its anti-government movements. In the name of any alleged scenario against PMLN and Nawaz Sharif, PTI leadership has always took brave and bold stance and has always preferred to come out on roads. But the inappropriate timings and poor strategies have ultimately led PTI to suffer in spite of being on the right tracks of moral grounds.

Even after sitting useless in front of D-Chowk for 126 days, Imran Khan could not provide sufficient proofs to Judicial Commission, regardless of the fact that 2013 General Elections were rigged but in front of judiciary, even if 99.99% proofs are provided, the judiciary will ask about remaining 00.01% of proofs. This is what exactly happened in Judicial Commission and Imran Khan already knew about it. At the end, he lost the case with Judicial Commission stating that mismanagements were definitely there but as a whole, elections were not rigged, thus PTI’s sit-ins of 126 days went completely in vain.

It was APS Attack back in Dec 2016 when Imran Khan finally decided to end his sit-in of 126 days. Before that it was all clear to him that sitting at D-Chowk won’t have any useful output specially when he was left to address people less than a single hundred in numbers only. Later then, another major scandal came into limelight when Panama Leaks created cyclone of papers consisting of offshore companies’ records by several leaders around the world.

Here come Panama Revelations in April 2016. Imran Khan once again kept this issue alive for eight months for which he should be credited, but at the end, Imran Khan apparently seems to be losing this case the way different tactics are being used by Nawaz Sharif and his family to defend themselves and to force Supreme Court to let itself free from hearing this case. Even if SC gives its verdict against Nawaz Sharif or his family, yet there will be a lot for Imran Khan to worry about.

Here it’s a kind of do or die situation for Imran Khan because one thing is for sure, if Nawaz Sharif gets clean chit from SC, then Imran Khan would have no reason to allege Nawaz Sharif for having offshore companies or to blame him likewise. Sensible and educated people honestly don’t need SC’s decision to understand that Nawaz Sharif is accused of looting Pakistan’s money and settling his offshore business. But now it won’t be justified for Imran Khan to talk about Panama Papers once verdict from SC comes in favour of Nawaz Sharif.

Although Imran Khan finally took the matter into Supreme Court, but it would have been more appropriate for him if he kept the revelations of Panama Papers as his slogan and started preparing for the next 2018 General Elections. Trust me, nation would have responded him much better response than it will respond to Imran Khan’s slogans now. As I have stated it earlier, that Imran Khan’s habit of not listening to intelligent minds and doing only what he thinks is right, have always cost him and it would definitely hurt him in 2018 General Elections’ results.

PTI has the habit to create hype of any scenario and then stepping away from its own stances when it seems to be no practical solution, a reason why people and political opponents consider Imran Khan master in taking u-turns. Regardless of having perfect opinion and stances on various issues, yet Imran Khan’s sudden decision of reversing his previous decisions, in the name of political strategies, make his own fun in front of public.

Cancelling the plan of Islamabad Lockdown a day before, rejecting Supreme Court’s idea of constituting Inquiry Commission for Panama Leaks Case even when Imran Khan himself was asking for Inquiry Commission before, clearly give message to public that Imran Khan takes u-turns. No matter how he justifies, but that’s not a good sign for Imran Khan for retaining public’s sympathies with him.

Above all, ending two month long boycott of parliament has seriously damaged the reputation of Imran Khan. A lot of people within PTI were not in favour to boycott Parliament, but what happened next, Imran Khan had ultimately to choose parliament to discuss Panama Case’s matters. Terming this decision as political strategy leaves us unable to differentiate Imran Khan with those leaders of other political parties in this regard. If he had to end the boycott of Parliament, then why didn’t he end it when Turkish President Reccep Tayyab Erdogan was addressing the parliament. Such a gesture by Imran Khan at that time literally made PTI supporters speechless.

For this nation, where people are deprived, have no means to live in peace with mental satisfaction, where people like Junaid Jamshed and Amjad Fareed Sabri leave us due to government’s failed policies and ineffective management of institutions, educated people yet think that it is Imran Khan who can take them out of this situation.

But Imran Khan’s current way of doing politics is harming him badly. Even in KPK, PTI is losing its own constituencies in bi-elections due to ineffective and poor roots-and-door politics. Imran Khan must need to review his political thinking, he must accept parliament regardless of the fact that who is the Supreme Leader of it, he must has to make PTI’s roots stronger, only then he would be able to rule the parliament and politics of Pakistan. Through chanting, you only get the media hype, but for votes, you have to work hard.

The writer is Islamabad based Journalist / Research Analyst and writes on Politics, Current Affairs, Social Issues and Sports. He can be reached at;

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