The Loneliest Two

By Dr. Farah Akram.


In a face smeared with black smoke, you could only see the eyes,

Full of fear, full of tears, staring at the skies

It wasn’t water that rained down, nor was it snow

In war, it just has to rain bombs, no?


He was pulled back to earth, by the sound of a moan,

A sound so familiar now, just like his own,

He staggered round the corner, discovering a boy,

In his hand, a bloodied bandage, instead of a toy.


The man stumbled to him and hugged the boy close,  

He kissed his cheeks, wiped his nose,

They didn’t need words, they really didn’t have the strength to talk,

Hand in hand, cautiously they began to walk


They had lost a lot, beyond their worst nightmares,

Innocent victims of senseless, endless warfare,

Bonded by humanity, these two struggled to survive,

The loneliest two successors of those they couldn’t revive.


About Author:

Dr Farah Akram. May Allah guide us to all that is good and right. Ameen.

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