India burning over CPEC

By Alina Aizaz.

China-Pakistan economic corridor is a 3000 km long collection of Railways, Roadways and pipeline projects that aims to connect the Xinjiang province of China to the warm Arabian sea port of Gwadar, facilitating trade between china and the middle east by shortening the trade route by up to 12,000km through Pakistan. It is a part of China’s One Belt One Road mega project and has tremendous benefits for not only China but Pakistan as well.

The successful completion of CPEC will expand Pakistan’s infrastructure, create millions of jobs, initiate massive foreign investment and boost Pakistan’s economy by a large percentage. Since the MOU signing on the project, many conspiracy theories have risen about India’s disdain over the project and its aims to ensuring that the project is not successfully completed. Instead of denying any such intentions, India has blatantly boasted of its discontent on the project and its mission to stopping it at all costs. Why would a country want to stop such progressive relations between two other countries when clearly it is none of its business, is the question. Following are some of the outrageous reasons, better put as PARANOIAS, put forth by India in an attempt to justify their aggressive stance on the project and their intent on sabotaging it:


According to India ,Pakistan occupied Kashmir (Gilgit-Baltistan), is part of Indian territory that Pakistan has forcefully occupied through military means. As this is Indian land, India’s permission is required to make any changes to it and nobody has given the right to Pakistan to “allow” china to pass through it. So basically we as Pakistanis can do whatever we want in “Indian” part of Kashmir and they’ll be quite about it, but as soon as they see China entering they suddenly claim it is THEIR land and we need THEIR permission to live on it. The real reason behind this claim is that China’s presence in the area pressurizes India as it see it as a combined military threat from Pakistan and China and know very well that it is not apt enough to hold its borders. A clearly defined ECONOMIC venture suddenly is decoded to being a military strategy..Paranoia is in the air.


CPEC is going to pass through Pakistan’s province of Balochistan. The province that India claims Pakistan has illegally occupied. Yes you read that right, our Indian neighbors believe that we have illegally forcefully occupied Balochistan and are committing heinous human rights violations in the region. That people are being killed in their hundreds every day by the government and are kept in chains and being deprived of food. And what is even more astonishing is the fact that India believes Balochistan is calling out for help to India to come save them and release them from the atrocities of crimes against humanity. Hilarious it is really, that India as a country most involved in crimes against humanity since its inception, be it in Punjab, Gujrat or Kashmir portrays itself as a savior of the Balochi people. Yes we acknowledge that economically Balochistan has not yet been able to improve, but crimes against humanity? And how does it plan on saving Balochistan?

By jeopardizing the very project that will bring thousands of jobs and improve the quality of life of the Balochi people and bring them happiness that according to India they lack so much. The real reason? India cannot afford a happy Balochistan. Happiness that comes with CPEC will ultimately result in resentment of India in the Balochi people’s hearts. The same hatred that India boasts so proudly about instilling in the people’s hearts against Pakistan will reverse its direction and India will lose every leverage it has over the emotions of the people.

Once all the economic problems are solved, how will India ever pay the Balochi tribal leaders millions of dollars to convince the locals that they are not happy? How will India then reap the benefits of the abundant natural gas reserves and minerals that Balochistan harbors, as was its plan after it would so-call liberate Balochistan from the tyrannous Pakistan? All this propaganda about Balochistan is basically to gain access to Gwadar and stop CPEC altogether.


Chahbahar port in Iran is being built for $20 million by India for its own use only 72 km away from Gwadar. India is also extending its relations to Afghanistan and investing 300 million dollars in the country in order to reap the benefits of untapped oil supplies of Afghanistan , through the Chahbahar port in Iran. Investment in both these countries is a plan to surround Pakistan by a group of Indian-friendly states and alienating it from both sides. China’s strength in Gwadar can lead it to increase its navy presence in the Arabian sea and pose a threat to India. This threat is not only seen as naval but also as a conspiracy through which China can stop India’s oil supply by blocking the route from strait of Hormuz

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ALINA AIZAZ is currently pursuing her MBA degree in marketing from Bahria University Islamabad.

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