Pakistan must raise the issue of illegal settlements, says Raja Habib Jalib

Pakistan Government & opposition leader must raise the  issue of illegal settlements of Hindu extremist groups in Kashmir, The UN resolution of illegal settlement in Palestine should be great message for Indian plan & P.M must take strong stand on this Indian plan says Raja Habib Jalib.

UK(KPSI) Jammu & Kashmir Human Rights Council International Wing Chairman Raja Habib Jalib has congratulated the U.N secretary General about the ban of settlement in Palestine which is considered illegal & council should do the same thing to Indian Plan bring outsiders to State of Jammu & Kashmir, In a letter he requested U.N to take action of Indian  plan to increase the population of non State residents so that India can get favourable results in Kashmir & avoid U,N resolutions,

Raja Muhammad Habib Jalib mean while appealed the Pakistani Prime Minister Mian Nawaz Sharief to raise the issue of settlement with India & let India know that Kashmir State is disputed in nature & case in U.N so India can not change the population by bring outsiders to change the population of Kashmir ,which is now considered illegal according to U.N resolution banning Israel to start any newcomer settlement in Palestinian territory. He said that this resolution has given enough ammunition to Kashmir leadership & Pakistan to raise the issue international stage & demand that India stop any kind of increase in  settlement from other States or areas to Kashmir until the issue of Kashmir is not resolved permanently.

Council Chairman Raja Habib Jalib also sent a letter to other political leaders in Pakistan asking them to unite with government on the issue of Kashmir & illegal settlement programme of Indian refugees of 1947 from Pakistan to give them State Subject Status in Kashmir. He called this Indian plan to reduce the Muslim Papulation of Kashmir by bring R.S.S workers in Kashmir to start all out war with Kashmiri people, He called this plan illegal ,immoral & said that Kashmiri will not accept any such plan & India must avoid creating more problems in the area.He also called on Mian Nawas Sharief & military Chief of Pakistan to stand strong against Indian aggression on cease-fire line & there should be no friendship request ,until India agrees to resole the issue with all three parties & change the order of resettlement in Kashmir.

Mean while Council Chairman send a report to U.N human rights commission about  lost three months brutality & war crime committed by Indian forces in Kashmir, and demanded that world must take notice of fake encounters, pellete gun use on civilians & stop targeting the eyes of civilians blinding them.


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