The Curious Case of a minor beaten maid child at a Civil Judge house

By Durdana Khan.

On December 28 a picture went viral on Twitter showing a girl with multiple injuries to her hands and face.  It was claimed in the post that the child was working as a maid and that she had been beaten up by the family of Islamabad’s Additional District and Sessions Judge Raja Khurram Ali Khan for not paying back 6,000 rupees.

No wonder why our judicial system has failed to provide justice, timely and on merit. A judge is looking the other way and employing a minor kid of 10 years old as a maid, where are the human rights organizations now. No one can talk about it or write about it as the honorable judge will issue a notice for defaming him but he forgets the fact that nothing can be hide or forged in these times, where technology has taken over every household. There is a clear violation of law on part of the session judge, who is considered as a custodian of the law; he himself is violating the law and his oath to protect its violation.

The judge in a bid to silence those who had circulated this image registered a complaint with FIA’s cyber crime wing to book those spreading allegations on various social media platforms.  He was quick enough to register a complaint with FIA to cover up for the damage already done.

The girl recorded a statement before Assistant Commissioner Nishaa Ishtiak, and stated that she had been living at the judge’s house from the last two years. She claimed that she was often beaten up there and was subjected to torture. She revealed that a member of the house had shoved her hands onto a burning stove and then beat her up for a missing broom; such was the level of the cruelty.  Later the police confirmed that she had been working there as a servant, so the honorable judge completely blind folded and violating the law by employing a minor as a child labor.

This is not happening for the first time. In Islamabad we have been hearing tales about many elite officers and businessmen employing minor kids. It can be often seen in restaurants, cafes and shopping malls that minor girls are taking care of her master’s kids and being subjected to violence and criminal negligence.

This has to stop. The judge should be made answerable so that it does not happen again or at least a lesson for the elites to be careful and human right organizations must advocate for the abuse of child laborers and a the law against this menace of our society should be enacted in full spirit.

Durdana Khan hails from Islamabad and by profession is a social scientist. 

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