Umpire’s Finger meant Judicial Martial Law in Sit-Ins, reveals Hashmi

Senior Politician and Ex-President Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Javed Hashmi has made serious revelations. He has alleged that during the time of 2014 sit-ins, there were few disgruntled elements within army that wanted to make General Raheel Sharif unsuccessful through Imran Khan at any cost.

Javed Hashmi was talking to media in Multan where he revealed that to gain power, Imran Khan was also looking for Judicial Martial Law being as a second option, a reason why Imran Khan had said about “Umpire’s Finger”. Hashmi said that the former Chief Justice of Pakistan Justice Nasir-ul-Mulk had also cancelled the meeting of judges and had also decided the date for new elections.

Hashmi quoted Imran Khan as saying that the new Chief Justice would dissolve the assemblies and form a new government setup under the Supreme Court according to which PTI will succeed. Hashmi said that when the holidays of judges have been postponed, then he thought that some serious conspiracy is underway and he resigned from the party without delaying it further.

When we have asked Imran Khan that why until now, umpire has not raised the finger yet, then Imran Khan said that they haven’t met with “their” expectations as we had promised, so how it can happen, Javed Hashmi said. He also alleged that the whole sit-in protest was scripted and was being guided by someone step-by-step.

Ex-PTI Leader Javed Hashmi was of the view that he had told Imran Khan that his plan is not in country’s favour, it won’t work and this is not how it should be done, but Imran Khan didn’t listen to him and got further frustrated. Javed Hashmi said that he told Imran Khan that for personal interests, don’t destroy the entire country.

Hashmi also said he has always been against the strategy of the sit-ins. Back then, he had even remarked that it wasn’t the right strategy as it will only pressurize young party workers for next five years without getting any output. He said that being much more experienced, he had told Imran Khan that young people see things in black and white only and it will further create chaos in the party.

Imran Khan declares Javed Hashmi a Mental Patient

Imran Khan in reaction has declared Javed Hashmi an insane person who does even himself knows what he is saying in this age. PTI Chief said that Javed Hashmi has lost the control over his nerves, is lying and speaks always “Jhoot Plus”, all the allegations made by him are completely baseless. He is saying so because he has become mental patient and wants to gain attention to keep him politically alive for his political survival, Imran Khan added.

PTI leader Abdul Aleem Khan strictly defied the statements of Javed Hashmi and said that this man has no control over himself and he does not even knows what to say or what not to. Aleem Khan said that 2014’s sit-in was completely for justice and it had nothing to do with military or judiciary. Allegations of running through a script are completely baseless.

Javed Hashmi, responding to Imran Khan’s statement about his age, said, that Imran Khan is only a year and a half younger than him. He also suggested that a medical board should examine condition of mental state of both of them, then it will become further clear to nation as well that Imran Khan has always lied to the people of Pakistan.

Reaction on Hashmi’s revelations

Pakistan People s Party (PPP) leader Qamar Zaman Kaira has said that army and courts must make their positions clear regarding to this serious matter after all these allegations. Maula Bakhsh Chandio said that the finger has gone for which Imran Khan was waiting to rise. Ali Ahmad Kurd said that all institutions must answer on this issue and if these revelations and blames are proved positive, then Supreme Court of Pakistan should be given a show cause notice.

The New Year 2017 begins with certain opening of new Pandora box. The revelations made by Javed Hashmi have created a serious storm of attention towards alleged conspiracies in the history of country. The law experts are of the view that there should be inquiry to find out if the revelations are true or not. Javed Hashmi gave the ignition to these revelations in a TV Channel’s program earlier and then went on to call a presser to reveal further details.

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