Will it be a New Year?

By Marwa Mehboob.

THE EVE OF NEW YEAR is showered with wealth and contagious confidence that speaks of human nature exposing to the fabulous, tempting world of glitz and glamor. People not engaging themselves to this atmosphere of sheer allurement are considered absurd who they believe are brought up in a radical fashion without understanding the fact that the glitz rubs off.

The old adage that a fool and his money soon part is true especially when we see it in a society which was supposed to adhere by Islamic laws pertaining to a religion of surrender to the Divine will, a complete code of life, enclosing both the material and the spiritual aspects of human existence.

Our Religion is based on the lesson of building tolerance, co-existance and even amalgamate with other belief systems. The Holy Quran states.”We have willed you to be a community of the Middle way.” Therefore, Muslims are ordained to maintain a just balance between extremist views of all shades advising goodly deportment and discouraging evil ways leading to the destruction of a muslim society.

Welcoming, 2017 with all the positivism and belief that we shall be experiencing the waves of happiness and leaving the year 2016 with a commitment to drop down our ills to add fair share for the upbringing of our future generations. This is not something which is out of our reach or which may take us back to the stone age but yes, one of the reasons of our discernment, deprivation and all kinds of Human rights violations is a result of our negligence and ignorance of customs, religious beliefs, values, Social norms and inappropriate behaviors.

Specially, since last decade every new year eve is celebrated as a festival in our country embedded in all kinds of temptations lurking on every street corner and finally opens in a bash as the clock strikes 12. Our Elite class celebrates the New Year’s Eve privately and in a way which projects the disperity prevailing in our society rather than spreading the message of equality. There are parties all night, dinners served with bottle of champagne to get the night going, dancing and so much more which they believe possess the right attitude, vogue and looks for the New Year.

I believe and that too without being rigorous that the choice to celebrate the end of a year and the beginning of another one is a matter of choice for every one. But it’s equally important to realise the sufferings and needs not only of Muslims across the globe but of the entire fellow human beings and that could be achieved by keeping aside the tempting atmosphere taking hype on such festivities. What if we celebrate the occasion by encouraging prayers, duaa for those suffering and further by negating the idea of celebrations defined in the glitz and glamor which are not in accordance with our religious and cultural norms. The people who are considered to be severe in their thoughts should be dealt in an empathic way which could harmonise the entire atmosphere and thus resulting into a better society to live in without being radicalised and tagged with the slogan of extremism.

Speaking of my family and friends, we spend New Year’s Eve reminiscing about the year just past and sharing our hopes for the year to come. That could be done anytime, but New Year is the time when we are all reminded to do so and that too should be equalised when our Islamic calender starts with the month of Muharram.

My question, Will 2017 be a New Year….?? holds different sets of perceptions. Well, there are many people in different religions who adopt and decide to go criminal way to meet their targets and your folly only comes to light with the reality that Whoever does it to his soul will definitely give an account for it. In my opinion if we really want to enjoy the new year everyone should be allowed to have the free mind to make a choice not to curse the minds of others with guilt or confusion at what is supposed to be a celebration moment. It should be more about accepting the rites and rituals of non muslims with prayers and duaas that should unite the entire world in a way beyond all possible religious divides. No doubt, celebration in the said manner will definitely create harmony amongst the individuals of different religious beliefs and right sense of celebrating and understanding the NEW YEAR shall prevail.

Marwah Mehboob writes on social and political issues and is a media analyst. She can be reached at Twitter; @marwahmehboob

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