6 Children among 9 People killed in Train-Rickshaw Collision in Lodhran

A horrible accident took place in Lodhran today when a Motor-cycle Rickshaw being filled with school children collided with a fast moving train, killing at least 9 people including 6 children. A total of 15 children were going to their schools when the incident took place around 8:00 AM in morning.

As per sources, the driver of rickshaw did not see the approaching train due to dense fog and made an attempt to cross the railway line. In the meanwhile, the gate where the collision took place was also open. An electronic system is being installed according to which if the gate is open then train does not get the green signal to proceed ahead, but in spite of that, tragic incident occurred.

9 people including 6 children lost their lives in the incident whereas 10 others also got injured in the train-rickshaw collision. Residents of the area gathered at the scene and immediately started the relief work. Rescue teams also arrived at the spot in a short while and shifted the wounded person to a nearby hospital.

Painful and heartrending scenes were witnessed when the family members of innocent school going children arrived at the spot. Train Driver, his assistant and gateman have been taken into custody by the district police for investigation.

Federal Minister for Railways, Khawaja Saad Rafique has also ordered an immediate investigation following the train-rickshaw collision. Speaking to media persons, Saad Rafique said that few questions would be answered once the investigations will be completed. Railway Minister also added that the possibility of human error along with the presence of dense fog cannot be ruled out.

Funeral prayers of six children who belonged to the same family have been offered in Mimberwala, a nearby area from the site of spot. Heartrending scenes of great sorrow and grief were witnessed on the occasion of funeral procession that was attended by thousands of locals.

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