Om Puri’s post mortem: Is Indian Government behind this?

On Friday January 6, 2016, Indian cinema fans around the world woke to the shocking demise of iconic actor Om Puri. Puri, 66, was discovered semi clothed by his driver on the kitchen floor who raised and alarm and he was rushed to the hospital. Doctors declared him dead and the cause was said to be a massive coronary heart attack. The whole world went into mourning; some skeptics and extremists expressed their pleasure on the death of an “anti nationalist”. These remarks come in view of Om Puri’s strong support of the peace process between India and Pakistan and his displeasure at the banning of Pakistani artists.

Mr.Puri was one of the very few Indian artists to have come to Pakistan to work in Pakistani films, generally it has been the other way round. The story of his demise took a turn when his former wife Nandita Puri blamed film director Khalid Kidwai and his driver to be responsible for his death. Om Puri was said to have visited Kidwai’s residence the night prior to his death. Miss Nandita filed a complaint and Om Puri’s body was sent into postmortem. On the evening of Saturday, January the postmortem report came out and it revealed a deep wound on the back of his head and many clots in his blood stream.

This turn of events have raised suspicions about the veteran actor’s death. Mr.Puri had recently been very vocal about his displeasure on the behaviour of the Indian government with Pakistan after the Uri attack and it’s atrocities in Kashmir. He had also declared that if something were to happen to him, the government would be responsible. Whether if this was a murder, remains yet to be unearthed, but bottom line, a marvellous actor has gone to rest!

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