Whole Parliament should be disqualified if it’s in favour of Pakistan, says Imran Khan

On Supreme Court’s remarks on disqualification on the basis of Articles 62, 63, Chairman PTI Imran Khan said that if it’s in favour of saving Pakistan from corrupt people, then whole of the parliament should disqualified including himself. Hearing of Panama Leaks will resume tomorrow, Wednesday 11th Jan.

Imran Khan also expressed that his struggle is not to become the Prime Minister of Pakistan but to improve the situation of this nation and for the welfare of the country. There are other ways to become the Prime Minister as well, Khan added.

After today’s hearing of Panama Leaks Case in Supreme Court, Imran Khan was speaking to media journalists in Bani Gala where as he told that after speaking lies, the Prime Ministers of Israel, Brazil and UK resigned but Nawaz Sharif who has now become expert in lying, has no moral values. He also slammed the government for running country by acquiring debts and quoted that the nation’s wealth is debt to Nawaz Sharif.

Earlier today a larger bench of Apex Court led by Justice Asif Saeed Khosa resumed the hearing of Panama Leaks case against the family of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif. During the hearing, the larger bench gave the remarks that it has to uphold the constitution and investigate and then give the judgment like a trial court.

PTI’s Counsel Naeem Bukhari in his arguments also brought former FIA Director Rehman Malik’s report on Ishaq Dar giving statements on Money Laundering. Bukhari said that Dar’s statement on money laundering is available in Supreme Court’s record as in September 1998, the report was sent to the Chief Justice and National Accountability Bureau (NAB).

To this, Justice Ejaz Afzal remarked that the current case confines to London Flats only and there is no point in bringing Ishaq Dar’s statements regarding to Money Laundering as he is also not among the correspondents. He further said that if PTI tried to divert the attention of court towards somewhere else, then the case would go to a new angle.

Spokesman PTI Naeem-ul-Haq while speaking to media outside the Supreme Court said that the Sharif family has been laundering the money, as in 1999 Hussain Nawaz was a student, how did he then become a billionaire in 2001. Till now, Hussain Nawaz has sent Rs 800 Million to Nawaz Sharif, the source should be revealed too, Haq added.

Sheikh Rasheed criticizes Naeem Bukhari

Sheikh Raheed Ahmad, Chief of Awami Muslim League (AML) expressed his displeasure and strongly criticized PTI’s Counsel Naeem Bukhari for mishandling the Panama Leaks Case. Apart from that, he further that if twelve parliamentarians can be disqualified under Article 62, 63 of the constitution, then the Prime Minister should also be sent home, or else they should be called back.

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