Pop star Lindsay Lohan embraces Islam!

Disney star turned paparazzi field house Lindsay Lohan, had always been in the spotlight one way or another, even after her career went down. Heartbroken fans all around the world witnessed Lindsay spiraling down with her drug addiction, financial troubles and her run ins with the law. With no new projects, Lindsay slid out of the industry gradually and fell into the abyss that some rising stars experience due to their inability to cope with the pressures of stardom.

Last year, Lindsay Lohan was photographed with a copy of the Holy Quran in her hand and it fuelled gossip that Lohan is converting to Islam. Her mysterious trips to the UAE also gave wood to the fire and recently, Lohan spoke out publicly about her new faith, replaced the descriptions of her social media with “Alaikum Salam” and moved to Dubai to work for refugees in the middle East!

In her spiritual journey, her best friend and lifestyle blogger Karen Wazen Bakhazi and make up artist Joelle Maridnian were her main support systems, Lohan told a local broadcaster.

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