Intelligence Sharing is the key to counter Terrorism, says Raheel Sharif

Former Chief of Army Staff General (Retd.) Raheel Sharif has termed Intelligence Sharing as the key to success to combat terrorism worldwide effectively. That’s very important to share actionable intelligence practically, if countries work and act on it, it can surely bring a difference, Raheel Sharif added.

The former Army Chief was talking in Panel Discussion, “Terrorism in the Digital Age” at the 47th World Economic Forum. Raheel Sharif was of the view that in Pakistan, everybody came together and whole nation believed in the similar approach to counter terrorism via effective intelligence sharing and mutual cooperation.

Raheel Sharif said in the panel discussion that according UN Resolution 1373, everybody has a responsibility due to which international community strictly needs to sit together and find out the ways through effective means of digital technology to beat terrorism in the best possible way.

On a question that how effectively terrorists use digital platform and how it gives them advantage to act quickly, General (Retd.) Raheel Sharif said that he personally feels that today, terrorists have the enough ability to mutate and reshape themselves and also they do it very quickly. He further said that when Digital Platform is available to them, particularly the Social Media, then all these facilities collectively give them huge advantage to execute their plans.

General Sharif also emphasized to establish stronger counter narrative that should nullify all the propaganda warfare. Prince Turki al Faisal al Saud backed General Sharif and said that education is more important for counter narrative and some rigid and forceful arrangements has to be taken. General Sharif also said that the arrangements of death sentence was unusual and was need of the hour after the incident of APS attack. Parents were demanding to hang the culprits in public. Deterrence had to be placed, said General Sharif.

In the response of a question, General said that operation ‘Zarb-e-Azab’ was not just a military operation. It was based on complete concept. 8000 square kilometer area was evacuated from civilians and was cleared thoroughly from all the terrorists. And by now 90 percent displaced persons have been sent back to their homes and are re-established with all be basic necessities they needed, such as schools, hospitals and markets.

General Sharif also said that there are some pockets in Afghanistan which are yet to be managed by our neighbor and brotherly country Afghanistan. It all depends on Afghan government to heal with it. He also stressed for the mutual cooperation among all the states and called for the resolution of Kashmir and Palestine issue for the better harmony in the region.

Raheel Sharif terms Terrorism as a Deadly Cancer

While agreeing with the panelists that how dangerous the terrorism in the digital age is, General Raheel Sharif said that it’s not only a cancer but it’s a deadly cancer. Talking about the modern mode to speed up terrorism globally, the former Chief of Army Staff (COAS) said that recruitment is one thing that is done on social media. He also claimed that the financiers, supporters, facilitators and the sympathizers, all of them are involved in this.

World Economic Forum

The World Economic Forum (WEF) represents the largest and most diverse meeting of leaders from all stakeholder groups. Priorities of the annual meeting are strengthening global growth, reforming market capitalism, preparing for the Fourth Industrial Revolution and re-imagining global cooperation.

This year the theme of the meeting is Responsive and Responsible Leadership and over half of the program’s 400 sessions will address strategies for fostering greater social inclusion and human development.

Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif is also scheduled to address the annual meeting as well.

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