The devil or the demons inside

By Huda Hayat.

Today an incident happened that led to a chain of thoughts that I’d like to share with all the people out there. You know sometimes while using whatsapp your friends send you audio clips that you don’t even bother to listen to at times and the audio clip downloads in your music library then later one day when you’re listening to the songs in your phone and one of those audio clips play and you’re like, where did this come from? I’m pretty sure it must have.

While going home on the bus today I was listening to music and all of a sudden a recording started playing normally I would’ve pushed the forward button but I was rather lazy today so I kept listening it was something religious I could tell so I thought to give it some time. The person in the audio was talking about the fact that how when someone takes out money to give someone some money we always say “nahi denay ki zaroort dramay hain in kay” inka to pesha hai yar ” yai log buhat thagtay hain yar choro inko “. He then started an incident which happened with a friend of his, let’s suppose the friends name was Ali .Ali was going to get some money from the people who were working on his house and hadn’t done the work right on his way he stops at signal and sees that the is a man begging for money and saying that his child is sick and he needs money to get to the hospital. He sees that, the child’s father runs after every passing car and motorcycle begging for money and no one stops.

He notices that Ali has been looking at him for a while he goes to him, holds the handle of his bike and begs him for some money saying that his child is sick. It’s common that people use these kinds of excuses to rob people too and the same thought crosses Ali’s mind and he tells the beggar a “Hadith” that he had heard in the khutba of the previous Friday prayer, “apny hathu sai kamany wala Allah ka dost hota hai (he who earns himself is God’s friend)”and drives off, not giving the beggar a second thought.

Later that day while passing the same road again he notices that the man is still running after cars that pass by, crying and begging for someone to show mercy and give him some money. He slowed down, what he saw wrecked his very existence and shattered his insides to a point from where there was no return, the man who was previously begging to take his sick little child to the hospital was still begging, but now, he was begging for money so he could bury his only son. It was this sight that shook Ali’s very sense of reality he went to curb on which the father now sat beside his dead child the and emptied his pockets on the curb and ran away before the man could see his face and recognize him. When Ali got home he caught a fever, a fever so high as though it would take his life, the grief an guilt of what he had done and the fear that as a result God might take away his own son was so devastating that he could not cope with it. When his relative carried him out of the bed to take to the hospital he would run back to bed and say that he wanted to die he wanted to die like that child without food or water, without medicine, he wanted to suffer and then pass away just like that poor little child.

The fear that something might happen was so great that he made his child stay at home and made sure that he was never out of his sight. Two months had passed and now his brother in law urged him to come abroad but in order to do so, to complete his documentation be needed his ID card.he searched for it but couldn’t find it, it was later that he remembered that day of the incident when he emptied his pockets, he threw the ID card along with the money on the curb.

A few weeks passed and there was bell on the door. When he opened the door he realized that the man standing in front of him was the father of the sick child. Ali screamed so loud as though his soul had been ripped out of his body. The father took him in his arms and thanked him, he cried and cried in gratitude. Ali cried too but in horror and regret of what had taken place that day. The father had come to return the money but Ali refused to take it he sat with him for a while and later on went his way. When Ali went abroad he worked hard and developed his own steel company and called the father of the child too. Now the man has two sons and a daughter and are very well off.

What appeals the mind is the fact that every day, from morning till night, we are exploited on economic basis by our raksha drivers, by our doodh wala, by our very institutes that we study in, by our very government. We are exploited on each and every turn of our life regarding money, so why is it that when someone asks for money in God’s name, do we find our right minds to stand up for ourselves? I mean I’ve not seen any one of you stand up to others that exploit you in the name of so called necessities and needs, so why is it when a poor desperate person comes up to you that you finally think that lets stand up to this guy? Why? Because you think he has no power over you right? Is that why you stand up for yourself in front of him?

In a world where you’re taken advantage of on every step of the way is it really that bad to be taken advantage in the name of God? Will it really be that bad to stand in front of God on the Day of Judgment and say “maf kar dai meray rab kay teri dunya main teray nam pai lut kay aya hun”. We don’t think twice fulfilling our own needs. A person might sell his soul to the devil to get and an iPhone but when it comes to 50 rupees that he could give to a beggar he’ll say “chalo chaltay hain khamkha thagtay hain “. What I want to say is bhai jaan all these brand, these phone companies, these multinational companies take your money without even a reason and you don’t dare to open your mouth to say anything and mind to think. But all of a sudden when someone comes asking for money you’re a deep philosophical person looking out for him and the better future so you don’t give him money so he doesn’t get used to it? These are tricks that the subconscious plays to make us sleep at night .We fear the Devil outside us while we should fear the Demons inside, think about it for a moment.

About Author.

Huda Hayat is student of Mass Communication at International Islamic University, Islamabad.

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