A guy who never dreamed of becoming a celebrity

By Ahsan Zaidi.

A guy who never dreamed of becoming a celebrity became one, over the nights. Arshad Khan – The Chai Wala. He used to sell his tea at Sunday Bazaar. People call it his fate but I see it as a power of social media. Just because he has green eyes, girls are falling for him and social media has made him a celebrity. People have no interest in him but when it comes to snapchat, they are rushing towards him to take a snap. Where are we going? There are some small children and handicapped people as well who have done an exceptional work and showed their talents but are deprived of importance and interest of people.

Arshad Khan will be featured in upcoming movies and advertisements because he has become hype nowadays. We need to get mature, if this continues then a day will come when the deserving talents of people will be buried inside them and people like Chai Wala will we ruling us.

The Day before he got famous on social media he had the rural accent and now he has learnt enough English to speak on media. Instead of spreading news about Arshad Khan, media should show people a life of an old guy who collects the branches of trees and puts them on his shoulder to sell them in order to remove his children’s hunger.

Few days back Arshad Khan was being interviewed by a female reporter of a News Channel. When he was questioned about his future plans, he replied that he will continue to sell his Chai and he has no intentions to go anywhere for sake of money or popularity. The very next day he was present in the morning show and was wearing a three-piece suit. What’s coming next? Arshad Khan had earlier entered into the 50 sexiest Asian men of 2016 list. A time came when he dropped his plan of working in showbiz because of the family pressure and he officially announced this. Later on news came that he is coming in an upcoming movie, Kabeer.

The writer is a journalism student at Iqra University Islamabad. He’s also a freelance writer and a basketball player for a local club.

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