Pakistan Traditional Winter Dish: HAREESA

By Dr. Saba Akram.

Finally I found the perfect Hareesa recipe. A mouthwatering dish famous in Lahore, Peshawar and Karachi. Even in India Amritsar. Hareesa is one of the most beloved dish of winter. It is made of wheat or barley porridge with small kabebiyan. It is also very healthy for adults and kids.  The best part is Hareesa can be made using beef, chicken or mutton.

Gowal Mandi ka hareesa is famous in Lahore. Here I have shared the perfect recipe to match its taste. Why not try it in your hygienic kitchen. I love cooking and when I tried this recipe, the compliments were enormous. I hope u make it and enjoy it just as much as people around me did. Here is a Simple and Delicious recipe of Hareesa.

Hareesa Gravy

·         Chicken/beef/mutton with bones 1kg
·         Porridge (wheat or barley) 1/2kg
·         Onion (cut in to half rings) Small one
·         Ginger(crushed or grated) 2 tbsp
·         Palak( Spinach) 4 tbsp
·         Black pepper powder 2 tbsp
·         Salt Add to taste
·         Red Chilli powder or Qorma masala 1 tbsp

FOR THE KEBABIYAN(Baby Version of Seekh Kebab)

·         Minced Chicken /beef/mutton 1/2kg
·         onion Small one
·         ginger 1 tbsp
·         Green chillies 4
·         Coriander powder 1tsp
·         Zeera Powder 1tsp
·         Fresh coriander(chopped) 2 pinch full
·         Salt 3/4 tsp or to taste
·         Red chilli ½ tsp (optional) I don’t prefer it
·         Fresh bread 1 slice
·         For making kababiyan  an empty oil pouch or piping bag
  • Soak the wheat or barley porridge( instant one for half an hour and the other one preferably overnight).
  • Place the washed meat with water in the a large pot to cook. Add 5-6 sabit kali mirch, salt
    1. Cook chicken 1 and half hour on low flame.( 6 glasses of water)
    2. Cook mutton till tender. You can use pressure cooker for quick cooking.( 5-8 glasses of water)
  • Cook beef till tender. Pressure cooker is allowed( 5-9 glasses of water as/ the method chosen)
  • Add the soaked wheat/barley to the soup or yakhnee and let it cook till tender. Occasionally stir it. Don’t let it stick to the bottom.
  • After the meat is tender. Take out the meat and separate the bones from the meat.
  • Shred the meat in the chopper.
  • Pour 1 cup oil in a big silver pot. Add the half sliced onions and graded ginger to it. Sautee it till light brown or golden.
  • Now add the shredded meat with salt, red chilli or qorma masala(optional, black pepper. And saute it for 10 mins. Add more oil if u feel the meat is dry.
  • Now blend the cooked wheat/ barley porridge(daliaya) and add to the meat.
  • Mix it well and let it cook for 10 mins till it leaves the sides of the pot. Taste it at this stage and add more salt or black pepper to taste( if you feel it’s less)
  • Now add the 2 tablespoon of spinach (bolied and blenderised)
  • Cook for 5 more minutes till the water of the spinach dries.
  • Warm 4 tbsp of desi ghee and add it to the Hareesa before serving.


  • If using mutton or beef. Please drain the water of the mince meat.
  • Grind the onon, green chillies, fresh coriander (hara dhaniya) and ginger separately and drain out the water.
  • Then mix the above ingredients with mince meat. Chop the fresh bread slice in the chopper. And add it with all the powders and mix it well.
  • Place the mixture in the chopper and grind it well into a very smooth mixture. (should not be watery. You can add more bread slice if you feel ur mixture is watery)
  • Warm oil for frying.
  • Now add the mixture into the piping bag and squeeze it to make required size kabiyan.
  • Add these to the harissa or serve separately.

Note: Serve it with thin ginger slices, chopped green chillies and lemon slices.

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Dr Saba Akram is an online pharmacist who feels that counselling people on general health can reduce the need of medication. My motto is “A kind word is better than the sweetest syrup.”

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