Trends: Defining the word in Pakistan

By Mehreen Shafique.

Trends have to be predicted taking into consideration possible drastic changes. Fashion consumers are becoming more conscious of the environment. They prefer eco-friendly material, conservative use of resources, reduced emission of pollutants, greater social commitment and fair treatment of employees in production facilities. The presence of large number of players in the sector has intensified the competition to garner a large chunk of the market share of this lucrative industry.

On the demand front, consumers are rapidly aligning towards new designs and innovative leather offerings to ensure they are in sync with changing fashion trends. Owing to high demand, the leather goods industry is on a growth spree. The softest, most luxurious leather comes from the skin of newborn or even unborn calves. Sourcing this leather is unethical. Though, it is a very durable and flexible material, the process of tanning leather is incredibly toxic.

In many countries, quality standards are very high. Leather manufacturers are trying to produce more sustainable products by prohibiting harmful dyes and chemicals. Innovation in luggage and leather goods with new technologies and design is the major driving force for the industry.

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Mehreen Shafique, Business Student at Roots University.

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