New Social Challenges

By Amna Khan.

Fortunately or unfortunately, I have opened my eyes in the digital age. As we are among developing countries thus we are behind in technology and its usage. As Pakistan is facing loads of social and economic problems along with higher security threats, our society is taking long to evolve and too slow to react to new social challenges that our young generation is facing.

Generally speaking, negativity in our society has taken over the positivity. Lack of education is to blame but upbringing is also to blame for this negativity. Parents are too busy in earning their living that they just have no time to look on the School Progress Reports monthly, quarterly or maybe yearly. They are unable to track what their children are doing online, what they are browsing, whom they are chatting or texting with through different available apps.

Another important social challenge is the discrimination that younger women face in our society that is not ready to give younger women their due respect, rights and space to live freely and without fear of harassment from the opposite gender. A lonely school or college going girl on the road feels very insecure and embarrassed. The raising eyebrows, searching and lusty looks of bikers of different age groups stalk these girls in flock all their way to school and college.

This is the start of never ending annoyance, frustration and irritation for our young girls as they face the same feeling throughout their student and professional lives. Many of the men even the educated and working class when see a lonely girl on the road are under the perception that the girl is waiting to be picked up. These men try their best to get attention of the pour soul by moving around the bus stops again and again. To feel the mortification and discomfort of that girl one needs to be in her shoes.

With the arrival of smart phones, women of today feel even more insecure while at work, commuting or attending events. Many young girls are being targeted by the experienced Facebook users and are trapped into dating. Unfortunately the outcome is usually very scary. In the recent past few such cases have been published in the print media. It is not only the men to blame, young girls too easily get attracted towards men having cars, good looks and having good jobs. Such men are capable of giving precious gifts to the young girls, which in their innocence they happily accept without thinking that it could lead them into physical harassment.

Parents need to keep their eyes open and should frequently check the mobile phones of their young children. Schools and Colleges also need to make sure that students are not carrying mobile phones into the classes. Parents also do need to cater the needs of their young children so that they don’t look on other negative ways. The best way for the parents is to engage with the children, spending more time with them, give them confidence to share with them even something bad happened to them or if they have committed a mistake or have done something wrong.

The closer children are to their parents, more likely they are to share their problems with them. Parents can easily convince the children what is good and bad for them and what they can afford from their earnings. They can warn the children to not to accept any gifts, money or any other offers from unknown people as usually such offers are not without expecting a reward later.

Parents do need to define the children what relationships are and what age is good to get into relationships. It is a human nature to get attracted towards the opposite gender but there is always a legal age limit for everything.  It’s alarming for the society that young children (especially students) having smart phones and two to three sim-cards of different operators are trying to hook up with each other simultaneously.

As they do hide such activities from their parents thus it affects their studies and their young minds. The parents, schools, colleges and our writers do need to highlight such social problems and try to educate the children so that they can differentiate between the good and the evil. They need to be aware of their social responsibilities towards others and also know about their basic rights.

About Author:

Amna Khan is currently a student of BS Media and Communication.

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