Downfall of Turkish Era in Pakistan

By Bushra Hassan.

Pakistani Media Industry has always faced the challenge of foreign content that may be Indian or Turkish. What Pakistani people want is something entertaining that they can stick to and enjoy. Pakistani media is progressing on daily basis and the quality is being refined in every upcoming projects that on-airs on our TV screens.

Overwhelming response of people towards Turkish dramas probably due to the difference in appearance, location, storyline and plot conflicts, have truly made our production houses to think more about innovative ideas. Turkish Dramas have made us change our mind frame and come up with out-of-the-box theme for dramas.

Elevated by Fatima Gull and Ishq -e-Mamnoon, the trend of watching and discussing Turkish dramas is now seen to have a downfall. Induction of Turkish Dramas in Pakistani society somehow challenged the reputation of our own drama industry previously but we somehow survived all odds. Pakistani Producers, actors and directors have proved that Pakistani Dramas still contain the quality that no other industry of any country can have.

There’s absolutely no doubt that the idea of transplanting Turkish dramas into Pakistan’s entertainment industry is brilliant, but it doesn’t mean that we start eradicating the interests of our own drama industry. We Pakistanis readily incline towards something new that is eye catching and forget our own worth and value.

Pakistani script writers have left behind the typical Saas Bahu story and are now targeting bold topics like transgender, honor killing, women power and child abuse etc. The topics that were never discussed between families are now being broadcasted and shown to our children.

Is it not bad for the young minds to know about child abuse and honor killing? Will it not affect their personality? The stereotypical thinking that was applied to our generation, should we not apply to our young ones and switch the channel whenever such content is being on-aired? Today’s generation is way smarter and they should know the limits and the difference between good and bad touching which should be taught in schools but unfortunately media is the only source and dramas like Muqabil, Udaari and Sang-e-Mar Mar tells much about the topic.

Pakistan’s Drama Industry has always been of high class and caliber bringing out acting of the highest quality and has no fear of suffering. A bunch of Turkish people talking in Urdu apparently turned to be Pakistani drama industry’s great challenge at first but now it is reduced to minimum. Glamour, beauty, landscapes, sad endings etc, were fun to watch and were the reasons that made our masses go awe.

Pakistani Dramas now carry beautiful scripts and directional stories making them interesting to watch. They contain glamour, reality and balanced timeline of episodes and excellent execution of details making people love to watch. In foreign countries, where people descend from Pakistan but do not visit very often, also enjoy and follow the serials as we do in Pakistan.

Pakistani dramas are not only loved in Pakistan or by Pakistanis (no matter which country they live in) but are also appreciated by the world. Recently some Pakistani dramas, naming a few Shehr-e-Zaat, Humsafar, Zindagi Gulzar Hai, were shown to Indian masses through their TV screens. Our dramas were not only loved but awestruck the Indian masses. The story lines, execution of details, glamour are what they are fond of and specially the endings, which our dramas have.

Maybe it’s because we have the privilege of living in Pakistan that we begin to take our culture, our arts, and our talent for granted. Our industry has proved that we have the caliber and manpower to produce quality dramas and we are not dependent upon some foreign source of entertainment.

The writer is a Research Analyst and holds a strong command over Entertainment Industry.

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