Panama-Case is historic for probing Ruling Family, says Imran Khan

Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan has said that it has happened for the first time in country’s history that any ruling party is being held accountable. He said that Panama Leaks Case will also decide the country’s fate. Imran Khan was addressing a political gathering in Sahiwal where he further said that his party will openly accept Supreme Court’s verdict but won’t accept the corruption of Prime Minister Nawaz Sharif’s family.

While addressing a political gathering in Sahiwal, Imran Khan told the participants that no family has spoken as much lies as Sharif family has spoken. He further stated that Sharif family is harming their own credibility by constantly lying to the nation and children of Nawaz Sharif are innocent for facing the court on behalf of corruption that is actually done by their father. He said that the next PM would think twice before getting involved in any corruption case.

Imran Khan also stated that Pakistan is blessed with immense natural resources and can become a prosperous nation if these resources are properly utilized and managed, but yet state institutions are suffering from massive financial losses. Imran Khan slammed the federal government and said that KPK has immense Gas Reserves but yet government is buying expensive LNG from Qatar because of having their own business interests.

Imran Khan also claimed that if USA’s new President Donald Trump bans Pakistanis from entering USA, then it would be a blessing for us as it would help and motivate us to develop ourselves as an independent nation. He also suggested government to also stop issuing visas to Americans if America halts visas for Pakistan, just like a similar stand taken by Iran.

Imran Khan also warned Indian Prime Minister Narendra Modi saying that every Pakistani is not like Nawaz Sharif and will take appropriate action where necessary. However, overwhelming number of Indians does not want war but rather peace with Pakistan. PTI Chief also vowed to continue his struggle for the rights of the farmers and provide them cheap raw materials, seeds and loans. He also promised to fight for minority’s rights and bring further development projects.

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