Mosque destroyed in Victoria: Trump is winning

A mosque in Victoria, Texas was burned down to the ground, completely destroyed in the early hours of Saturday.

Just hours after the new President of the United States, Donald Trump signed an executive order, banning the immigration programs and visas from seven Muslim majority countries and declaring extreme vetting for the visas of other countries not on the ban list, this mosque was found billowing smoke by the resident imam who called on the fire rescue services.

The Texas fire department lent out the fire tenders to extinguish the flames, but the complete infrastructure got destroyed. The dome was seen lying on the ground, the interior charred black.

The resident imam had been reportedly awake in the early hours and through surveillance system he saw the fire. He also said that the burglar alarm system had been disarmed and the door was unhinged. This event has followed the very recent burning of a mosque in Houston. Pent up anger against Muslims, termed as Islamophobia around the globe has triggered white supremacists and extremist elements in the United States and with Donald Trump’s racial profiling policies, these elements have been given a free pass.

Donald Trump’s moves against Muslim Countries, Mexicans, blacks and largely all non-white communities from around the world in America, have been heavily criticized.

Trump’s executive order against immigrant programmes of seven Muslim majority countries has been revoked by a session court.

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