Effects of Social Media

By Samreen Bashir.

Social media is getting great place in the contemporary world day by day.  Each and every human being is becoming its user. This is the very modern technological form of communication. Now we can communicate with anyone anytime anywhere without any bondage easily. However, in old era, it was not as easy task as today, at that time people used traditional modes like telegrams, letters for talking to each other. This new era provides us many facilities which serve humanity. Although it has both positive and negative effects altogether.

When we look at its positive effects we can easily notice its significance and it can be said that we cannot take a single breath without this system. Its fruitful effects include many factors such as ease in education, relaxation in employment, vigilant surveillance, and quick reach, enriched friend circle, removal of loneliness, up to date knowledge, and increased political interest, public awareness and much more. We cannot figure out its all aspects.

Although each and every step just contributes towards the global interaction. Due to this new invasion world has become a global village. On international level this is playing a vital role and no one can deny this very fact. However, besides its all positive effects it has many adverse effects. These negative effects somehow overweigh the positive effects.

As far as the disadvantages are concerned, we cannot estimate its total loss towards youth. These negative factors include, generation gap among family members, lack of feelings and emotions, human has become more materialistic, no extracurricular activities, adultery, approach to anything quickly, no check and balance, fallen literacy rate, rising criminal activities, norms and values have become vanished, no privacy, blackmailing, cybercrime and many other evils are in the list.

The list is far too long. We can say that social media is good and helpful if we keep this in its limit. We can tackle these issues strategically. Proper check and balance is needed to counter such evils. Many remedies are there to solve such problems as this is causing a serious harm to the country directly.

We should take serious actions toward these issues as this is the need of the hour. It is the responsibility of parents, teachers, neighbors, relatives, friends and everyone in the society. Society can reform this system with ease if it takes true dimensions for this.

In a nutshell Social media is the necessity of the time but no one can manipulate this for their motives or interests. It is the society and we should follow all the rules and regulations so that a balanced and successful society can build up and we can counter those problems accurately. Ultimately we can develop a proper country.

About Author.

Samreen Bashir is Msc in biochemistry and currently pursuing her Mphil in the Biochemistry. She is teacher and also a content writer.

2 thoughts on “Effects of Social Media

  • February 19, 2017 at 7:24 am

    Its really a good
    There is dire need of accurate information to be spread on social media.
    Social media is vital tool to make positive image of pakistan
    Govt works well in many sectors
    There is dire need to highlight the paksitan from positive aspective and ameliorate the wrong /ill doing.
    The far most thing to ponder is accurate and reliability of source for any gist of information before manupulating and spreading on social media.

  • February 19, 2017 at 9:54 am

    Very well written article..


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