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Brides For Sale

By Dr. Ayesha Javed.

A few days back I had a chit chat with a patient, a young girl, who was pale, over-stressed and very weak. To my amazement she was an F.A passed girl, working as a house maid and earning a little amount of money, which she all had to spend at home to share her part. As she was an educated, F.A passed girl, so her mother wanted to marry her off with a rich man who would give her mother a handsome amount of money, probably in lacs. First, I couldn’t understand why the man will give the money to her mother and then I realized that her mother want to get the price of her daughter. Alas!

Her father was an earning labourer and he had the same views as her mother. On further discussion, I got to know that either the girls run away from their homes or their families sale them off to other men or the girls have to get old in working, earning and spending on their brothers and fathers. Beatings, sufferings are the things not to discuss here in Pakistan as it’s considered a taboo and in that only women have to suffer. And now what about this gender-based discrimination of selling girls to men on the name of marriages?

Yes problems concerning young innocent girls exist everywhere. But We need the Laws to prevent and punish those who commit these crimes. It also requires the awareness and a heart to feel the pain of those who are suffering and living in such pitiful conditions. Such suffered Girls should be given confidence and security by the state.

Writer is MPhil in Pharmacy and writes on health and social issues.

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