PSL final at Lahore: Confidence or over-confidence

By Sajjad Hussain Durrani.

PSL final to be played at Dubai or Lahore was one of the most important subjects which took all of the nation by storm for the past few days. After long discussions of so many days on monday it was decided that the final of the PSL-2 will be played at Lahore. Well, that’s amazing but this decision divided the nation in two different and totally opposite opinions.

For some people, it is a good decision despite the terror attacks that occurred in the last week at Lahore. Others don’t want the final to be played at Lahore because the terrorists would be in search of carrying an attack and even if they get succeeded in carrying out a tiny act of terror would cause a big trouble and all the efforts of creating a good picture of Pakistan would go in vain. Secondly, the government is planning to lock down all the nearby areas of Gaddafi stadium from today.

It’s almost 6 days to the final of the PSL and locking down everything is not at all portraying our good picture to the rest of the world. We want to let the world know that Pakistan is a safe country by making such an abnormal security measures. This will in no way would help us to create a positive picture of Pakistan and our enemies would make fun of us by looking at all the unusual steps that our state is taking to secure the final of the event at home.

Even if we manage to arrange the final of the PSL at Lahore but are we sure that the international players will come to Pakistan? Even after ensuring them about the foolproof security measures if they still insist to not come to Pakistan for the final will add insult to injury. Their “NO” would be a big question mark to the future of international cricket in Pakistan. If some of them show their will to come to Pakistan would definitely boost our spirits but will this help us in persuading other countries to come and play in Pakistan in the near future?

The final is all set to be played in the same city where the Sri Lankan players had very bad memories and that is one of the reasons that two of the Sri Lankan players, Kumar Sangakkara and Mahela Jayawardene refused to take part in the final at Lahore. The master blaster batsman Chris Gayle also chose to not come to Pakistan if his team qualifies for the decisive game. If Karachi Kings makes its place in the final of the tournament, it will be playing without its skipper and the other two world class players are something that would lower the interest of the spectators in the game.

Anyhow the big decision has been taken by the government and we hope that they will do their job done in the best possible way. We also hope that we will see a thrilling final and all the International players would show their willingness to come to Pakistan for the conclusive game of the second edition of the PSL.

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An Engineer, Member of National Youth Assembly- Pakistan, Writer and Cricket Lover. He can be reached at twitter @SHKDurrani and on facebook at Engr.SajjadHussain

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