Equality Injustice Paradox – A mathematical approach to gender equality

By Engr. Bilal Awaisi.

Nature is a staunch believer of balanced approach. It created the whole universe ensuring balance among its components and has maintained it to date. Indeed, this very equilibrium is responsible for certainty, exactitude and properness in the working of this creation of nature. Man and woman are among its components. These two also form an autonomous and independent system of their own. This system, in order to function properly, needs a balance to be maintained between its elements. The name of this particular balance is “equality”. It is important to understand the concept of equality with much preciseness and care because if perceived superfluously or with any biasedness, it could lead to destruction of the entire order.

This concept of equality can be easily understood by viewing it through the prism of Mathematics – the mother of whole knowledge. In Mathematics, there is a term known as equation. The simplest of the equations could be ax + by = z. In this equation, ‘x’ and ‘y’ are variables while ‘a’ and ‘b’ are coefficients. Let this equation define man and woman. Variables ‘x’ and ‘y’ being degrees of physical strength and compassion, for example, in them respectively. While coefficients ‘a’ and ‘b’ representing number of opportunities assigned to them according to these inherent qualities.

If man and woman are equal, this equation for each of them should have the same value. Now, let us bring biology and psychology to the discussion for defining degrees of the variables. According to biology, men are physically stronger than women; there should be no doubt, as in none of the sports, men and women compete with each other. While according to psychology, woman has greater degree of compassion than man. Keeping these two facts in mind, let us assign random but logical values to these variables for man and woman. The equations for man and woman would turn out to be ‘a*10 + b*5 = z’ and ‘a*5 + b*10 = z’ respectively.

Now let us give them equal opportunities say ‘2’ related to strength while ‘1’ related to compassion. Putting these values in the equations, result in ‘25’ for man while ‘20’ for woman. What? But they were given equal opportunities! Yes, they were given equal opportunities but just giving them equal opportunities does not mean that they are equal. Equality is something more than that! If man is given more opportunities related to physical strength, say ‘2’ while woman less, say ‘1’. And these numbers are reversed for opportunities related to compassion, that is, ‘1’ and ‘2’ then the results of both the equations would be same – 25. It means that man can only be equal to woman if each of them is provided with number of opportunities according to the degree of its inherent qualities.

This “so called equality” – asking for equal opportunities – is just one side of the picture. The other side of this apparent sensible and decent picture is injustice. The energies of women are being directed in the wrong directions. Women are being exploited in the name of equality. Giving them equality means giving them opportunities according to their inherent physical, biological and psychological characteristics. Giving them equality means protecting them, not making them vulnerable to wolves in lamb’s clothing.

It is unjust to attack women psychologically by making them fight for what they are not created for or at least for what they are not well-equipped. They are just being treated as means of entertainment by snatching their right of leading a comfortable and dignified life. They are being forced to pay more attention to the boss rather than their families. In the name of equality, they are being deceived. They are being driven into a Bermuda triangle of so called independence. They are being dictated such path as would devastate them. What an injustice in the name of equality!

Changing the role of women has proved to be deleterious for those women as well who have not become a part of this campaign. More and more men are getting unemployed. These men are responsible for feeding their families. They are responsible for fulfilling the rights of their daughters, their wives and their sisters. But alas! They are being rejected despite having higher education. Improving financial condition of one woman at the cost of many other women is not justice with them.

It should not be implied that confining women to houses is the solution being suggested. Women are as important as men. One is heart and the other is brain. The justice is to put these organs to their right place and let them do what they can do more efficiently. The best gift for women at this day could be protecting them, giving them their due inherent rights and in this way making them more useful for the entire nation.

About Author:

Engr. Bilal Awaisi is  BSc Electrical Engineering (UET Lahore) and also a Gold Medalist Pre-engineering. Writes on Political and Social Issues.

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