Hamza Ali Abbasi’s PHATEECHAR message for Imran Khan and Pakistanis.

Hamza Ali Abbasi responded back to the criticism on Imran Khan’s Phateechar message.

Yesterday while talking to media persons in private discussion Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf Imran Khan has termed the Overseas Players as “Phateechar” who came to Lahore, Pakistan for playing PSL Final. Overseas Players who agreed to come to Pakistan and played their role in atleast trying to revive International Cricket back in Pakistan have been roughly called as Low and Useless by none other than one of the greatest sporting personalities and 1992 World Cup Winning Captain Imran Khan.

Addressing a Pressing Conference, Chairman PTI Imran Khan has said that he does not even know the names of the players who came to Pakistan. Moreover, Khan also said that the players who were invited by PSL Management came from Africa and were labeled as Foreign Players. PTI Chief Imran Khan is being criticized by Pakistanis all over the world for such comments that included racism as well.

One thought on “Hamza Ali Abbasi’s PHATEECHAR message for Imran Khan and Pakistanis.

  • March 8, 2017 at 9:08 am

    Hamza Ali is an entertainer and not a journalist, he is not that expert to give his opinion and justify Imran Khan, Imran Khan has insulted our country, he represent himself in IPL but he cannot attend PSL proves his character.


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