Zalmi Vs Gladiators; Pakistan Won

By Barrister M. Hassan Idrees.

5th of March 2017: Politicians and people of Pakistan astonished me! Claims of `Pakistan won` echoed in the air and I asked my conscience that what was the acumen behind the match? Most of the people has watched this match on television at home then what was the purpose to take high risk. Even if we suppose that Gaddafi Stadium was crowded beyond its capacity, the figure would not exceed 50 thousand which amounts to 0.25% and 0.025% of the total population of the Lahore and Pakistan, respectively. Fanatic and so-called patriots will immediately dissent with me and correct me that the rationale behind this match was to fight with terrorism and evince that how much peaceful Pakistan is. A stimulating orator will argue that PSL has a deep impact on the economy of Pakistan and foreign investment.

Federal and provincial government is coercing us to appreciate their knack to maintain peace during the PSL final. Indeed, army, rangers, elite force, police and eminent intelligence agencies spent insomniac nights and shut all the doors for insurgency. Whole nation is happy because the match was spectacular and the world saw the vivacious spectators of Lahore. I am wondering, if we can see a match on television, then what can be the rationale behind taking this risk apart from spreading our immaculate image and foreign investment. I understand, it is a time when you can speak against the nuclear assets of Pakistan but you are a traitor if you speak against PSL. My anxiety increased when I saw, everyone on social media is giving the rating of India which is way higher than Pakistan to watch PSL. All those who are posturing that Pakistan won must bear some earthshattering truths in their mind that we exposed our self.  No Indian was fall in love with PSL and they didn’t have to plan for an insurgence during the match because we were doing everything for them. Before you tweet about the rating of India kindly, spare some time and watch what was there for your PSL.

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We can shut a media house on political grounds but miserably failed to implement the cannons, designed by Pemra. It was like a curfew outskirt the stadium. Our media was spreading our image that peace can only be ensured with hundreds of guards and after shutting down the entire Lahore. This is what Indian media was talking about PSL and providing you a better rating. Now you are free to abuse me, post Indian rating about PSL and must feel a proud patriotic Pakistani. We have managed to conduct a match in Lahore after closing almost all the trade centres. Even I cannot laugh; we are craving for foreign investment after shutting the domestic markets merely for a match. I am unable to see any storm in the stock market of Pakistan and haven’t heard about any big investment then how can I believe that Pakistan won? If the idea behind this match was no more than a match, then of course Pakistan won but can we afford a match for 0.025% spectators at the cost of billions? The situation of our economy and law and order is deteriorating since last two months and we are claiming for a conquer. How many handlers of suicide attackers have faced execution? Have we taken the revenge for the martyrs who were killed in Sehwan sharif, Lahore, Quetta and Parachinar? No nation can win a war against poverty and terrorism if it needs army for courts, demography, rescue operations and even for cricket matches.

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Pakistan will win the day when Derren Summy reach Gaddafi stadium on a motor bike with Shahid Afridi and greet his fans on each traffic signal. All international players will relish a dinner in food street Lahore without any security. Apart from playing a match players will wander to the elegant places of Pakistan and enjoy our hospitality. Indians will not only talk about PSL but will desire to see Indian players a part of it. We will witness a storm in stock exchange and our banks will have space to put foreign money.

The pious blood of innocent Pakistanis cannot be forgotten after a semi-international match. We must be a part of green team who has a tough match with terrorism and corruption among the country. Pakistan is a victim of terrorism more than any other state of the world now it’s time to win the war and buried it forever. I wish to breath of a day when Pakistan will actually win.

About Author. 

Barrister Muhammad Hassan Idrees hails from Islamabad and writes on social, legal and political issues. He can be reached at

Disclaimer: The opinions expressed in this article do not reflect that of weekly pakistan.

One thought on “Zalmi Vs Gladiators; Pakistan Won

  • March 9, 2017 at 6:36 am

    Thanks for your valued views, but i would like to add few points.

    a. in the present history, especially in the last one decade we have seen different sports events being happened around the world, i am not referring countries fighting with terrorism. Lets take the example of Britain. In 2012 London Olympics, we have seen amazing security experience, whole London was locked from the rest of the country and it is not easy for everyone to move in.
    b. Extreme security arrangements were in place, between 45,000 to 60,000 security officials were in place to secure the city, after 2nd world war highest number of military officials moved in the city of London, over 13000 more British troops are deployed that than the troops deployed in Afghanistan, over 1000 US FBI agents were deployed in London.
    c. aircraft carrier was deployed in river Thames to meet emergency situation.
    d. the city of London was monitored with 100 of drones as well.

    Unfortunately, no one was roaming in the cities without security.


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