PTI’s Murad Saeed & PMLN’s Javed Latif Scuffle outside National Assembly

Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI)’s MNA Murad Saeed indulged in a scuffle with Pakistan Muslim League-Nawaz (PML-N)’s MNA at the Parliament Lobby following their heated arguments earlier during the National Assembly proceedings.

As per reports, Javed Latif criticized Imran Khan over his statements against Foreign Players during the Parliament Session after which exchange of words was seen between Murad Saeed and Javed Latif. Javed Latif said that Imran Khan had used harsh words which made him an equal a culprit of hate speech as Muttahida Qaumi Movement (MQM)’s Chief Altaf Hussain.

Even after when the Parliament Session was adjourned, both of the parliamentarians once again indulged into a heated debate on their way to Parliament Lobby that escalated further to a scuffle between the two. Murad Saeed punched Javed Latif on his face for using abusing words for Murad Saeed’s family.

Javed Latif asked Murad Saeed to put some sense in his leader Imran Khan for calling International Players as “Phateechar” who came to Lahore for PSL Final. He also went further and alleged Imran Khan for having inappropriate interaction with Murad Saeed’s family. Murad Saeed lost his cool, became furious and punched Javed Latif on his face, alleging that Javed Latif has called them a “traitor” and abused his family.

However, the other parliament members standing nearby intervened and prevented them from escalating the matter. Later talking to media, Murad Saeed said he Javed Latif used inappropriate words for his family and moreover, he cannot bear someone abusing his leader Imran Khan who has sacrificed his wealthy life for this nation.

The National Assembly Secretariat later issued a notification to investigate the brawl between Saeed and Latif. The committee will send finding report to the Speaker National Assembly till 16th March 2017.

Imran Khan reacts on Saeed-Latif Scuffle

Chairman Pakistan Tehreek-e-Insaf (PTI) Imran Khan has strongly condemned the alleged use of abusive language by PMLN’s MNA Javed Latif against his party’s leader Murad Saeed’s family. Imran Khan said that even the worst enemies respect the sanctity of families in our society but PMLN has crossed all the limits by disrespecting women of opponents’ families.

He said that Sharifs have abused Benazir Bhutto, alleged Jemima and tagged her with Jewish Lobby and now they are abusing the female members of one of their political opponents. Their disrespect for women inside and outside the parliament is prominent, Imran Khan added.

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