Links with US led to the execution of Osama Bin Laden, claims Haqqani

Pakistan’s former US Ambassador Hussain Haqqani claimed that his connections and links with the Obama Administration actually enabled the USA Operatives to target and kill Al Qaeda Leader Osama bin Laden hiding in Pakistan.

In an article published in The Washington Post, Hussain Haqqani said that those contacts led to closer cooperation between Pakistan and the United States in war against terrorism over the three and a half years. He served as ambassador and eventually enabled USA to discover and eliminate Osama Bin Laden without even depending upon Pakistan’s Intelligence Agency Service or Military, which were suspected of sympathy towards Islamist militants, Haqqani said.

Pakistan People’s Party declares Haqqani as Traitor

PPP’s Members of Parliament, both in Senate and National Assembly denounced Hussain Haqqani and said that he has given such a statement to malign the country’s Armed Forces at the behest of Anti-Pakistan Elements. Opposition Leader in National Assembly Khursheed Shah became the frontman in disassociating Haqqani with PPP and termed his recent article as an “Act of Treason”.

Khursheed Shah said that they should not give importance to people who commit treason while sitting abroad, despite being sons of the soil. He gave the statements when Chairman Foreign Affairs Committee, Awais Leghari of PMLN raised the matter in the assembly. He further said that Haqqani’s claims came at a time when efforts are being lined up to isolate Pakistan internationally.

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