Blasphemy and Prophet’s Love (PBUH)

Barrister M. Hassan Idrees.

A profound Islamic ethos is behind the inconceivable creation of Pakistan. Conception of Pakistan is engulfed by inseparable religious sentiments. Liberals also agree, although reluctantly that religious fiction played a vigorous role in its formation. Two nation theory, Resolution of Pakistan and the books like: ‘Indus Saga’, The myth of independence, India wins freedom, Pakistan was inevitable all indicates for the inseparable nature of Islam with our homeland. Thus, it’s perilous to dissent with anyone on religious issue, no matter if you are right. The religion and Pakistan are to be in good terms and the personality of Prophet (PBUH) is indivisible from it. Indeed, the personality of Prophet (PBUH) is reverent nevertheless, it is forbidden to disrespect any religion. I am contemplating if the adore of Prophet (PBUH) requires me to slay someone or to follow his injunctions. Claims of Prophet’s PBUH affection echoed in the air having said that we are miserably failed to legislate on blasphemy.

Profanity of the Prophet (PBUH) led to the assassination of the perpetrator in sub-continent many times. Rajpal was slayed by Ilm Deen on the publication of his book which contains insulting remarks about Prophet (PBUH). I will be declared an infidel if I will dare to inquire, regarding its roots in Sharia laws. Even the creator of the conception of Pakistan (Muhammad Iqbal) and the creator of Pakistan Barrister Muhammad Ali Jinnah was directly involved in this case. Ilm Deen’s adore for Prophet (PBUH) and even his death is stimulating for us. It was the time of British rule so; it can be taken as a plea for not legislating on it. The habitants of Pakistan are aware of the sensitivity of blasphemy but they are not ashamed of the fact that there’s no proper legislation on it. Each one of us is ready to kill someone who is accused of blasphemy but no one of us is ready to propose a legal framework to stop it. I am astonished if the personality of Prophet (PBUH) is merely a tool to get attention of the audience whiling orating.

In the recent past Salman Taseer was slayed by his guard Mumtaz Qadri. This case allowed everyone to evince his adore for Prophet (PBUH) by passing the edicts for the judges, calling the government a slave of pagans, abusing the one who dissent and literary through burning the assets of the state. While breathing in Pakistan we are proud of the fact that Pakistan is standing on the ethos of Islam but we are shameless and reluctant to accept that we are failed to protect the personality of Prophet (PBUH) through legislation. How long we will continue to live with the state of mind that the adore of Prophet (PBUH) requires me to slaughter someone?

There’s not even a single precedent which can be esteemed as our contribution on this issue. Instead of making the history with a landmark judgement it sounds like judges are also orating somewhere. A judge is supposed to pass judgement not to threat the government. My conscience asked me if shutting down the social media in Pakistan will stop the profanity of Prophet (PBUH) or it is no more than closing our eyes like a pigeon. Since, Barrister Jinnah to now each one of us made this issue nothing more than to kill the accused. The highly sensitive emotions left no window to debate on it that is why we are stagnate instead of evolving. I am proud to say it vehemently that my adore to my lord Prophet (PBUH) forbade me to slay anyone even if he is accused of disrespecting HIM (PBUH). It requires me to follow his injunctions and raise my voice for a proper legislation on this issue at domestic and international level in accordance to the guidance of Sharia laws.

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