Revival of Military Courts is Unfortunate, says Chairman Senate Raza Rabbani

Chairman Senate and Pakistan People’s Party (PPP)’s Leader Mian Raza Rabbani has termed the revival of Military Courts as unfortunate, fearing that the term of extension might go beyond 2019. The two bills pertaining to Military Courts had been passed in 2015, yet two years later, the country found itself back to same position and extensions has finally been given to Military Courts, he said.

While chairing the Senate Session, he pointed out that the Senate’s Committee of the Whole had taken steps before the cut-off date for Military Courts mentioned in the sunset clause of the Army Act 2015 and the Constitutional Amendment Act 2015, and had unanimously passed two bills on Jan 18, 2016.

While regretting about the revival of Military Courts, Raza Rabbani said if the bills had been used properly then the present situation could have been avoided. Hoping that the situation won’t be the same even after two years, he said that the two houses of parliament had done what they wanted to do on the issue of reviving Military Courts. He also gave the remarks that he feels painful about what that has recently happened.

Chairman Senate Mian Raza Rabbani has been opposing Military Courts since the beginning and got into tears on 07th Jan, 2015 after voting on the 21st Constitutional Amendment to set up Military Courts in the country. He said he is being in Senate for more than 12 long years but had never felt more ashamed by casting his vote in favour of Military Courts by going against his own will.

Responding to Chairman Senate’s point of views, Finance Minister Muhammad Ishaq Dar has said that Military Courts have never been a priority of any political party, but the decision of giving extension to Military Courts has been taken by considering the current Law and Order situation in country. Dar hoped that Raza Rabbani would not be absent and be there the day when Parliament House would officially revive Military Courts.

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