Let your creativity soar high with these DIY planes!

By Crazy about in Motherhood.

Art is an essential skill that every kid has the right to explore. It teaches them so many things like colour combos and textural variety. Art is also the fun way to work on gross and fine motor skills with painting, cutting, pasting. Sure it can be messy but the skills learned and memories made are priceless! Combine art and play with these fun and easy-to-make aeroplanes. Nothing fancy required, yet your end-product will be fantastic!

Once you teach your kid how, they will be able to make as many as they want, and in whatever colours they like! We did a few colour combos as you can see:

Let’s get started. Items you need:

  1. A clothes peg
  2. Wooden ice-cream sticks, atleast 3 per plane
  3. Glue
  4. Paint in your choice of colours
  5. Cotton (if your peg has depressions in it, like ours did)

First, paint both sides of the sticks in your chosen colour. Let them dry.

Then, if your peg has a depression in it, fill it with cotton using glue.

Next, cut one of the 3 sticks into 4 pieces. 3 pieces will be roughly about 1.5 cm, and the fourth one would be 3.5 cm. We just estimated and cut but you can be more precise (if you want!)

Now comes the assembling part!

In the centre of one stick, apply glue and then stick your peg over it.

Then glue one small cut piece near each end of the stick. Then glue the other stick on top.

Then at the other end, we make the tail of the aeroplane. Apply glue, and stick the 3.5 cm piece in the middle.

And then stand the last remaining piece in the middle of the 3.5 cm piece. Keep pieces in place while glue dries.

And there you go, your plane is ready to take off and fly into as many imaginary adventures as you can come up with!

If you want, you can also make 3-4 planes and create a cot mobile to hang over your baby or as a decoration for your toddler if they love planes. Or make this a hand-crafted gift for dads and grandfathers on Father’s day or birthdays. So many possibilities!

By: Crazy about in Motherhood

Crazy about in Motherhood believes creativity in all forms and sizes with kids is one the best ways of loving, playing and learning for parents and children. The projects don’t have to be perfect because the memories of making them will be perfect enough.


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