When I Fed a Hungry Dog

By Dr. Ayesha Javed.

We often hear that God blesses us much more when we share our food with the poor, the needy and the hungry. I want to share my recent experience where I literally experienced myself everything after feeding a hungry stray dog.

We came back home in the afternoon and saw a dog sitting at a corner right in front of our house. I didn’t know he was too hungry to move. He saw us and starting wagging his tail vigorously. I never had a dog before so I didn’t know he is doing in a hope to get some food. I thought he is just wagging his tail to show love. After a few hours we need to go to some store for shopping and saw the same dog still sitting there. This time he even couldn’t move his tail. His eyes were like full of hopelessness. We thought to feed him before going. At that time we had powder milk and bread at home. So I made a large bowl full of milk with some bread dipped in that. OH! As soon as we put that meal bowl in front of home, the poor soul started eating and wagging his tail. When he finished, shine came back to his eyes. And he left.

So we moved on to go to a departmental store and there we had to do some bakery shopping as well. They had discounts deal on that day on bakery items. When we ordered for a few patties and pastries, the salesman there put 2 extra items with each piece that we’ve purchased. We asked why so much extra? He replied that they have made extra of everything just for the promotion but that day they had a lesser sale so now they are giving almost triple of everything we purchased.

When we came back home and saw the boxes, it was like if I had bought one patty and there were 3 more extra pieces. That would have been sufficient for the next 2, 3 days. Seriously we couldn’t count at the grocery store, how much they have packed but after coming back home we correlated that to feeding of that hungry and thirsty dog. God better knows but that’s what we had felt at that time.

I just shared this simple and little experience to make people realize how it is like to be a hungry thirsty animal. And if we take care of such poor souls, how they pray for us.

Writer is MPhil in Pharmacy and writes on health and social issues.

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