Narendra Modi – Pablo Escobar of India

By Obaid ur Rehman.

Narendra Modi of India is Pablo Escobar of Colombia, with the only difference between them is that Pablo Escobar couldn’t become the President of Colombia due to his criminal records whereas Modi has got the premiership inspite of having a tag of hundreds of murders to his name. To fulfill their agendas, the Drug Lord, Drug Trafficker Pablo Escobar and Narendra Modi both have used violent means to voice their needs. Pablo killed thousands of men in Medellin whereas Modi has the history of mass murders in Gujarat and Kashmir.

Coming to the topic and to understand why Narendra Modi is Pablo Escobar of India, we need to come across the various facts that make Modi as Escobar. Indian PM, Narendra Modi has once again proved that his prevailing extremist policies in the region even in his own country enlighten the leadership that has a mindset of terrorism and extremism. Narendra Modi’s right-wing party picked up a controversial and notorious leader to lead India’s most populous state, Utar Pradesh where the party won a landslide victory and then none other than Yogi Adityanath took the oath of Chief Minister of Utar Pradesh.

BJP won a landslide victory and Yogi Adityanath took the oath of Chief Minister of Utar Pradesh.

Who is Yogi Adityanath? Yogi Adityanath is commonly known for his extremist motives against the minorities, particularly against the Muslim community. Just before the UP Elections, Yogi announced to install Hindu Statues in Mosques across India and expressed his hatred towards Muslims openly. Two years ago, Yogi initiated “Love Jihad” Campaign and aimed to polarize the Hindu-Muslim Community in the most populous and famous state of the country. This man has also spent some time in jail as well for inciting and provoking violence against minorities and Muslim community. With a person like Yogi as the CM of UP, it has become clear that he is another reflection of Modi-Mindset who loves extremism and state sponsored terrorism.

The selection of Yogi Adityanath as the CM of Utar Pradesh speaks more about Narendra Modi and his typical extremist-mindset than the incumbent of India’s largest state of 200 Million people. During the elections campaign, Modi only talked about bringing economic reforms in the state and prosperity in every aspect, but in reality, the Indian Prime Minister actually wants to make Utar Pradesh a state where religious polarization could prevail and minorities, particularly the Muslim community could suffer as maximum as possible.

By choosing the most controversial figure for the post of Chief Minister, Narendra Modi has declared openly in the most obvious manner that there is no room for Indian Muslims to live freely. The only possible way to live in India is to live under Hindu enslavement by accepting their norms, values, terms and conditions. With this aggressive assault on Muslims by Narendra Modi, he has once again sent the message that there won’t be any reconciliation with the Muslim community.

Narendra Modi and Bharatiya Janata Party (BJP) have the mindsets to make India such a country where the words like secularism, pluralism and liberalism are abusive terms. It is quite unfortunate and shameful for Indian people that a person, who has murders of hundreds of people on his shoulders, is their Prime Minister. The incidents of Babri Masjid and brutal killings of innocent Kashmiris make it crystal clear what Narendra Modi has always been upto by making state sponsored terrorism as his agenda and has given rebirth of Pablo Escobar’s ways.

Narendra Modi has always put allegations on Pakistan for sending terrorists to Indian land and spreading terrorism within their country. But it is a global fact that whenever the proofs are required for these allegations and blames, India has failed to come up with proofs against Pakistan. On the other end, Pakistan has always raised voiced on several diplomatic fronts about RAW’s involvement in organizing terrorist activities in Pakistan. Specifically in last year, India has tried its best to isolate Pakistan diplomatically but Narendra Modi failed to do so.

History will remember that when secular India’s PM Modi was putting Yogi Adityanath on UP to stab Muslims, Pakistan was passing bills like Hindu Marriage Act and securing the Mandirs and Churches to give more rights to its minorities. The Hindu version of Mullah Fazlullah of TTP has now become the Chief Minister of India’s biggest state Utar Pradesh whereas an even bigger terrorist is already the Indian Prime Minister.

A person like Yogi Adityanath, having criminal credentials occupying the highest constitutional office in India’s most populous state is infact a direct assault on democratic decency in India. Promotion of structured religious intolerance in the country is Modi’s only real achievement in his last three years, just like Pablo Escobar did when Colombian Government refused to negotiate with him and in return he initiated massive killings on board.

Gradually it is becoming clear that the Modi of Gujarat is not a different man than Modi of Delhi as the Indian society has become highly polarized and the government does not tolerate the creative spirit and neutral word of people. At that time, Modi murdered hundreds of Muslims and now he is sponsoring those persons who can come up according to his agenda. India that has evolved under Modi’s tenure is something where pluralism is abhorred, where secularism is discarded, where multiculturalism is seen as a civilization burden but not an asset.

In the US, Liberal Mass Mediums come out to protect the American spirit and identity against the moves of Donald Trump. But in India, a majority of the media is slave of Modi’s regime. In some areas, Indian Media has even become the weapon of Narendra Modi to implement his agenda. Liberals in India do chant against Modi’s policies but unfortunately there is no one to voice their voices.

I would rather say that people of Colombia were smart enough to recognize a Drug Lord and Drug Trafficker in 1970s, 1980s making his way into politics and Law Enforcement Agencies stopped him, although they paid a heavy price to finally bring Pablo Escobar to justice when he was shot dead in Dec 1993. However Indian people are yet blind enough to recognize a person who has left no reasons to not call him a terrorist.  Every ruler has his end, exactly in the same way he used to treat his people. Narendra Modi, a mass murderer might have such king of fate waiting for him, but according to current consequences, Narendra Modi might be winning elections for now but he is defeating India.

The writer is Islamabad based Research Analyst / Content Writer / Media Person and usually writes on Politics, Current Affairs, Social Issues and Sports. He can be reached at;

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