Sindh Government surrenders the services of IG Sindh A.D. Khawaja

Surrendering the services of IG Sindh A.D. Khawaja to Federal Government, Sindh Government has issued a notification to replace IG Sindh Allah Dino Khawaja. In a notification issued by Sindh Government, A.D. Khawaja has been directed to leave his office with immediate effect.

Notification said that AD Khawaja, an officer of Police Service of Pakistan (BS-21), IG Sindh police, is hereby relieved from the said post with immediate effect and directed to report to the Establishment Division.

Even without waiting for the approval of federal government, the Sindh Government issued another notification stating that Sardar Abdul Majeed Dasti has been appointed as the Acting IG of Sindh.

Sardar Abdul Majeed, an officer of Police Service of Pakistan (BS-21), Additional Inspector General of Police, shall hold the charge of the post of IG Sindh police in addition to his own duties till appointment / posting of regular incumbent by the Establishment Division,” said the notification.

In the meanwhile, IG Sindh A.D. Khawaja has reportedly refused to leave his office after Sindh Government issued notification for him to surrender his services. Sources say that A.D. Khawaja took the stance that he was appointed by the federation and won’t leave charge until asked by the centre.

Former Police Chief Ghulam Qadir Thebo, who is currently serving as Chairman Enquiries and Anti-Corruption Establishment, is also amongst the three proposed candidates for the post of Inspector General (IG) Sindh along Sardar Dasti.

Earlier, the Services, General Administration and Coordination Department Sindh also wrote a letter to Establishment Division in Islamabad in which services of A.D. Khawaja had been handed over and Sindh Government requested the federation to replace A.D. Khawaja as IG Sindh.

A.D. Khawaja was appointed as Inspector General Sindh on 12th March 2016 but gradually rifts started to be developing between A.D. Khawaja and Sindh government. In December 2016, he was sent on forced leave but the Sindh High Court issued a Stay Order on 28th Dec against sending IG Sindh on forced leave.

The order was issued on the petitions filed by seven citizens including Karamat Hussain, the head of an NGO and Singer / Social Activist Shahzad Roy. The petitioners seek IG Sindh’s restoration.

A week earlier before SHC’s order, Chief Minister Sindh Syed Murad Ali Shah issued directives to send A.D. Khawaja on forced leave and give his charge to Additional IG Mushtaq Mehr.

Multiple causes have been reported regarding to Sindh Government’s displeasure with A.D. Khawaja including Police Recruitment and his refusal to obey orders regarding to sugarcane to the Sugar Mills of influential people.

Sources also say that A.D. Khawaja did not transfer the Police Officers at the behest of high-ups due to which he has encountered such a situation and position from Sindh Government.

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