Raja Habib Jalib has called on Molana Fazal Ur Rehman

Jammu & Kashmir Human Rights Council Int Wing Chairman Raja Habib Jalib has called on Molana Fazal Ur Rehman Chairman Kashmir Committee to follow the lead of Canadian Provincial legislature & put a private bill before Pakistani Parliament about Indian crimes in Kashmir, Punjab & Gujrat.

UK (KPSI) Jammu & Kashmir Human Rights Council Chairman Raja Habib Jalib sent a letter which was delivered to his office by a Kashmir Human Rights representative in Pakistan, reminding his position as a Chairman Kashmir Committee to raise the issue of war crimes in Indian held Kashmir by Indian forces. He wrote to him that as a Chairman Kashmir Committee it is his responsibility to bring out the true face of India as Sikh community did in Canada by putting India on spot by getting approval from provincial assembly a resolution passed against the killing of Sikhs in 1984 in Delhi as Genocide. He said that Pakistan can support the Sikh tragedy including submitting request to Pakistani Parliament asking to include Kashmir & Gujrat killing 2002 as a Genocide or war crimes to raise the issue internationally about the killing of civilians in Kashmir. He said that Pellet gun use targeting eyes of children of Kashmir in itself a crime against humanity & as a leader of Party & his official position, he should be representing the cause of Kashmir internationally

Council Chairman also send the letter to all political parties leaders asking for raising the gross human rights violation in Kashmir, including banning Muslim to eat meat & punishment raising to 10,years is completely unacceptable in International community. He said that silence from Pakistan is giving free hand to India to violate human rights of Muslims of India & religious leader like Molana Fazul ul Rehman should be standing up as he lectures about the issue of Muslims but takes no action when it comes to Kashmir & Muslims of India.

He also sent a letter to European Union human rights demanding to take action in Indian Government violating human rights of Sikhs, Christian & Muslims. He wrote to them of burning churches,Mosques & other religious institution by R.S.S should be stopped & India must be put on spot, & forced to accept international law. He said that blinding children as old should be considered war crimes as thousands of children are completely blinded by targeting eyes by Indian soldiers in Kashmir.

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