Please Don’t Destroy My Home

By Rafia Khan.

People of the world

Please listen to me closely
God created a peach tree
For its care, He chose me

It was beautiful and strong
I loved it with all my heart
Growing along the stem
I cared for it from the start

It’s shade was my home
The leaves were my friends
We lived happily together
Wanna know how this ends?

A butcher came along
With people in suits
They wanted to build homes
So they tore it from the roots

I screamed and cried
But no one paid heed
Is there ever an end
To this cruel, human greed?

It was not only me
Who cried that afternoon
The Earth wept with me
It’s going to die soon

People of the world
Listen to me closely ..

Painting and poetry by Rafia Khan.

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